DAZN: stop to dual users for TIM customers

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TIM customers who have activated DAZN with one of the TIMVISION offers they will no longer be able to access dual users which characterizes the DAZN Plus subscription from 39.99 euros per month. The change will be valid from next November 1st. Here are the changes coming:

End of the double vision for TIM customers who have activated DAZN

A new limitation for DAZN customers kicks off. In this case, it is a modification of the service reserved for TIMVISION customers who have activated one of the offers with DAZN including proposals by TIM. From next November 1st, indeed, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of double vision which now allows access to DAZN from two devices that use two different connections at the same time.

For TIM customers who have activated DAZN it will therefore be possible to continue accessing the service only using the same connection. At the moment, it is unclear whether TIM will start offering new offers with DAZN Plus included and will allow existing customers to upgrade to the more complete plan. Further updates on the issue are expected to arrive over the next few weeks.

We remember that DAZN Plus has a cost of 39.99 euros per month, 10 euros more than DAZN Standard. By activating this subscription it is possible to continue to take advantage of the “dual user” by making two accesses to the platform at the same time, even using two different connections. The new subscription was introduced to make sharing accounts more difficult.