DDR5 RAM is ready for future AMD and Intel platforms

Accelerates the production of DDR5 memory, several manufacturers have already finalized their products for the upcoming AMD and Intel platforms

We learn the news from the well-known wccftech portal, which reports the news on the mass production of futures RAM DDR5. In fact, several photos have leaked online to testify everything, these photos have been posted by the user Jiahe Jinwei employee of a factory in Shenzhen, on the Chinese portal ITHome, which you can reach at this link.

In short, for the mainstream sector, there would be no shortage of rumors that the new standard is already ready for future platforms. Alder Lake at Intel, e Raphael di AMD.

DDR5 RAM is ready for future AMD and Intel platforms

DDR5 RAM is ready for future AMD and Intel platforms

The new DDR5 RAM memory modules in question will boast a mainstream design, so there will be cuts suitable for each configuration. The modules photographed are two, and it seems they are two separate memory modules, one with a green PCB coming directly from the Chinese manufacturer, others were photographed and reported by the portal Uniko’s Hardware, and have a black colored PCB. The most important feature of both modules is that the two modules (U-DIMM) they have a PMIC (Power Management IC) directly integrated. This leads us to think that the IC in question will take care of request and supply DC (5V) power directly from the motherboard and will deliver it to DRAM itself more efficiently than current DDR4 modules.

Speaking of specifics however, this specific batch should have a 4800 MHz frequency with an operating voltage of 1.1V, therefore lower than the current RAM. As for the timing, we are talking about a similar configuration CL40-40-40 e each DIMM has a capacity of 16GB. However, they should also be in production 32 GB modules Dual Sided.

DDR5 RAM, equipped with Integrated ECC, they should also boast lower power consumption and greater stability than DDR4 memory modules. The increase in performance would also bring advantages in the overclocking field. Currently SK Hynix e Micron they should soon be producing the fastest modules. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from TechGameWorld.com.

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