Samurai Warriors 5: presented with a trailer the new characters

Today Koei Tecmo presented with a trailer four new characters related to the next Samurai Warriors 5. Let’s go together to discover them

Samurai Warriors 5 is the next title developed by Omega Force and distributed by Koei Tecmo to be released on July 27th. The game is available for all old gen, PS4 and Xbox One and current generation platforms (but only in backward compatibility), as well as PC and Switch. The title is a classic hack and slash musou set in Japan of the era Sengoku. Let’s find out the details on new characters presented that will be added to the roaster of Samurai Warriors 5.

Four new characters introduced for Samurai Warriors 5

The new characters will join the others, leading to 27 the total number of characters playable. The latest additions are four historical fighters plus two reinterpretations of key characters from the main storyline. The first are Sandayū Momochi, kusarigama expert and leader of the Iga Ninjas, later we have Hattori Hanzō, master of the ninja sword, then we have Magoichi Saika, unscrupulous mercenary and finally, the great samurai Yasuke, servant of Nobunaga. In addition to these, versions of Nobunaga Oda, called “the demon king” and of Mitsuhide Akechi, servant of the Oda family.

Samurai Warriors 5: presented with a trailer the new characters

The latter will be playable, including their special techniques, such as Nobunaga’s skillful sword techniques and Mitsuhide’s fearsome combined attacks with his combo between firearm and blade matchlock. We remind you that the game will also be available for purchase due special editions. Both available on the Koei Tecmo Europe Online Store. There Treasure Box will include the game’s soundtrack, an art book, postcards and a fabric poster showing the new lively style game art. All packaged in a collector’s box. There Collector’s Edition instead, it includes all the contents of the Treasure Box, plus a special acrylic mini stand with the main characters.

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