Dead Island 2: How to make money fast

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Rotting flesh, torn clothes and intact wallet: earning money is important in Dead Island 2, and we explain how to do it

Now that you’ve torpedoed half your paycheck to sate your 4K hunger, you’d think money wasted time in the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Island 2: well, you are wrong, and therefore we will explain to you how to earn money in California gone bad of the game. Yep, not even zombies can make a dent in capitalism, as evidenced by the many uses of vil money. You can spend moolah to upgrade your arsenal, but the shopping list also includes resources like medkits and supplies like ammo. Not to mention the trinkets to tweak stats, level and skills.

Good news, mob! There are several ways to scrape together dinero in the Los Angeles of the living dead (in English the game calls it Hell-A, which in Italian would translate well with Latrina if we really feel like revelers). Naturally, playing the main campaign you will also find yourself with some pennies in your pocket, but as you level up you will discover that the broken world is full of beggars who with their crazy prices will tear your purse to pieces. If preventing this from happening is your primary mission, you’ve come to the right place. Also because, in the game, saying that something “costs an arm and a leg” can be taken literally…

“And let’s exploreLA, this LA” – How to earn money in Dead Island 2

Let’s start from the beginning: to earn money in Dead Island 2 (although we have the inkling of running into your most lapidary “But go?!”) you need be meticulous in your exploration. Sure, Los Angeles isn’t exactly in its best shape, but while the game isn’t exactly open-world in the strict sense, the areas to explore are pretty spacious. It also goes without saying that many buildings in the game are abandoned, either because of the population who passed away or because of the inhabitants who passed away thanks to those mentioned a moment ago. (Zombies never tell.)

Therefore, it should be equally assumed that there is no shortage of opportunities to either looting. Slip into any room you come across, and loot all the chests you come across. Many areas where you can expect to find bills will, unintentionally, offer you bills. From time to time, especially with safes, need a key. And while you’re looking for one, be sure to ship some undead teeth onto the asphalt. In addition to the aforementioned jaws, even a few dollars could fall from him, together with protein bars, energy drinks and beautiful company. After a while’ zombies respawnso you know how to spend your free time.

Dead Island 2: How to make money fast

Thrift Market – How to earn money in Dead Island 2

Another option you have is to sell weapons e craft resources. You can do this whenever you come across one Merchant. Weapons will net you four-digit numbers at a minimum, especially if they’re rare or “superior” variants. Furthermore, the merchants will be happy to buy your supplies too, such as fabrics and thread. Of course, as the game is set in good old ‘Murica, don’t expect those items to yield as much! And as your skill level increases, you will unlock more powerful weapons. As you might have guessed, “more powerful” translates (also) to “more profitable”.

Since both ranged weapons and melee equipment are found whenever fighting zombies (or even exploring the areas where they are found), selling the surplus goods does not involve serious losses. Besides, let’s be honest, what’s the point of keeping your cheap guns close? To remember? You don’t want to become the memory, hopefully. You can find traders mostly in the zombie-free areassuch as Emma’s house or the Blue Crab. You can recognize them by the relative white writing that appears on their heads when you approach them, but since you won’t always come across these funny guys, you should take advantage of them when it happens!

Dead Island 2: How to make money fast

Mix-and-match – Come guadagnare soldi in Dead Island 2

Before the final method, we would like to clarify that there is no single way to line your pockets. On the contrary: you can choose the one you prefer, we don’t feel like declaring any of these “the best” par excellence. Never before have we advised you to experiment with them all, perhaps by cycling the various strategies between them. It might seem like we’re washing our hands of it, but in reality, that’s not exactly the case. By testing them all, you will find that one hand (incomplete) washes the other, thus generating a sort of synergy between the individual methods. Surely it is already clear what we mean.

Are you waiting for zombies to respawn? Go loot. Is there nothing to steal? Look for a merchant. Do you find other zombies looking for it? Give them the thumbs up. There are not anymore? Sell ​​what you don’t need. Very soon you will end up with more money than you actually need. And, if you’re reading the guide after a few months, you might as well stop here. If, however, for whatever reason, the chain reaction between the various methods is not enough for you anymore, and if you are reading it shortly after its publication, continue on. Before the patches arrive to spoil your party, of course…

Dead Island 2: How to make money fast

“There’s a crisis, you have to rubbà!”

On the advice of our lawyers, we cannot quote beyond Teo Mammucari’s monologue on fraud, but there are… diversions, if you will, in terms of enrichment. Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering the free zone of the glitch, which will inevitably make our first patch guide outdated. So make sure you hurry up! The bug in question allows you to duplicate weapons with online co-op sessions and requires you to fiddle with the save file. Once you’ve backed them up, drop as many weapons as you like and quit the game. At that point, replace the new save file with the old one.

If you have done everything correctly, re-entering the game you will find yourself with all the original weapons in your pocket, while their duplicates are still lying on the ground. Naturally you will have already guessed where we are trying to (s)go: track down the first merchant that comes within range and sell him the duplicate weapons. Attention: after the due tests carried out in the editorial office, they reported a detail to keep in mind. Sell ​​weapons before collecting old ones. The game, in doubt, is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We hope that the title is bread for your teeth, and that you are not for zombies!

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: do you know of other methods? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.