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Dead Island 2: tips and tricks to better face the game

In this guide you will find many useful tricks and tips to better face Dead Island 2, the new and long-awaited Deep Silver title

Ever since it was first announced fans of Dead Island have been anxiously awaiting the release of the sequel. Now finally the new game of Deep Silver has been officially released and tons of players have already started slaughtering the undead all over the world.

Hunting zombies is not too complicated a task, but nevertheless many players are determined to do it from the very beginning in the best possible way. To help these people we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you can find many useful tips and tricks to better deal with Dead Island 2.

Don’t neglect the cures – Dead Island 2: tips and tricks

First we want to kick off our tips and tricks list by talking about an element that Dead Island 2 players tend to overlook: the cure. In the game you will often find some healing items around, but to avoid finding yourself in a bad situation we also advise you to create them.

When you are at a workbench you can in fact use some materials to manufacture all the medikits you need yourself. Luckily, you only need two adhesives, two fabrics, and one chemical to create these tools, so you won’t end up wasting too many resources.

Dead Island 2: tips and tricks to better face the game

Take care of weapons – Dead Island 2 tips and tricks

During your games of Dead Island 2 you will surely come across an impressive amount of different weapons, but only some of them will be strong enough to carve out a place in your arsenal.

Once you have found a good weapon you will certainly want to hold on to it and consequently it is important to use the workbench often to repair all your favorite equipment. In addition, from these locations you can also boost up your instruments of death in so many different ways, adding both true damage and elemental damage.

Hunt down the blueprints – Dead Island 2: tips and tricks

Upgrading weapons and crafting items is definitely a great way to improve your chances of survival, but to do that you will need the right blueprints. These blue rolls they are usually found near some workbenches and by collecting them you can have access to many improvements which will make your weapons even more effective.

For this reason it is important to keep your eyes peeled and try to find as many projects as possible. Also remember that many designs are also available from a variety of vendors and consequently if you want to find them all you will have to be ready to shell out some money.

Dead Island 2: tips and tricks to better face the game

Master the elements – Dead Island 2 tips and tricks

As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, in Dead Island 2 it is possible to inflict a large number of elemental damage to your opponents. For example, you can use weapons that deal damage electric oh you fire to quickly get rid of certain types of zombies.

To get the best out of the elements, however, it is essential learn about the way they interact with the environment. Exploring Los Angeles you will in fact come across pools of water, oxygen tanks and many other objects which, if hit with the right element, will allow you to easily devastate large groups of infected.

Make good use of the arsenal – Dead Island 2: tips and tricks

Once you find a weapon that you are comfortable with, you will certainly end up using it a lot, but unfortunately this is a big mistake. In fact, using always and only one weapon you will end up with damage it quickly and besides you will not be able to optimize the damage based on the situation you are in.

For this reason we suggest that you always have a large number of different elemental weapons available and alternate them often based on the situation you are in. It is also important not to neglect all the throwing tools present in the game, since they can offer you great offensive and tactical advantages.

Dead Island 2: tips and tricks to better face the game

Accumulate fuses – Dead Island 2 tips and tricks

I fuses are very useful items that you can use to open some doors that generally hide treasures and rare weapons. Accessing these rooms is essential to be able to increase your effectiveness in combat but unfortunately you will not always be able to access them. In fact, the fuses are enough rare and certainly you will often run out of it in times of need.

To avoid finding yourself in this unpleasant situation it is therefore important to try to accumulate as many as possible. Luckily every time you visit the palace you will be able to always find two fuses for sale at Carlos’s shop for $1500 each. Surely the price is not too affordable but, if you have the opportunity, we advise you to always buy at least one.

Look for zombies with a name – Dead Island 2 tips and tricks

Often while exploring you will come across safes or doors closed by a lock with a specific name. To open them of course you will have to use a key with the same name, but to find it you will have to go on a zombie hunt. Indeed, in the surroundings of these closed doors it is possible to find some specific zombies with their own name and by killing them you can find your longed-for key. Usually, many valuables are hidden in these places and as a result it is often worthwhile to spend some time looking for the respective key.

Dead Island 2: tips and tricks to better face the game

Remember to defend yourself – Dead Island 2 tips and tricks

Sometimes you won’t be able to defeat some zombies from a safe distance and in such cases you obviously have to think about defend you. In Dead Island 2 it is possible dodge, deflect or block strokes and usually the best choice is the one that lends itself best to your style of play.

However, if you want to defend yourself in a more aggressive way, you can mainly focus on exploiting the soccer. Kicking zombies is a great way to push them away and nullify some attacks, but iIn some cases it can also become an offensive tool that should not be underestimated. In fact, there are many in the game ability which once activated will allow you to enhance football and make it capable of putting even the most dangerous infected in difficulty.

Complete the challenges – Dead Island 2 tips and tricks

In Dead Island 2 there is a system of challenges which allows you to get improvements very useful in achieving certain goals. Most of these challenges simply require you to exterminate a lot of zombies in different ways and accordingly you will end up completing them without realizing itbut others may require some dedication.

The improvements offered by the challenges are by no means to be underestimated and for this reason we advise you to whenever possible Experiment with different weapons and playstyles to try and complete as many as possible.

Dead Island 2: tips and tricks to better face the game

Ready to survive

This concludes our list of tips and tricks to cope better in Dead Island 2. Now for sure you will have no problem surviving in the sunny city of Los Angeles. Our article ends here but, if you are interested in learning more about the game, we invite you to take a look at the others guide featured here on our website:

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