Dead RazerGuy, aka Robert KraKof and co-founder of Razer

E' morto RazerGuy, l'inventore del primo mouse da gaming thumbnail

Died RazerGuy, aka Robert KraKoff, co-founder of Razer, known for signing his pseudonym on every package of the company’s products; he was 81 years old. In addition to being one of the forerunners of the gaming industry, KraKoff helped create the first mouse dedicated to gaming in history, namely the Razer Boomslang.

It’s dead RazerGuy

He is a real legend in the gaming accessories sector, many in fact know RazerGuy from the product packaging or Razer or from the signature on the emails sent by the companies, in which he was known to always respond in an extremely polite and easy going. A full-fledged precursor KraKoff has been a constant in the gaming world throughout his life.

Just in 1999, a year further away than we’d like to remember, the man helped create the first gaming mouse in history, the Razer Boomslang, which was advertised in collaboration with a contracted esports athlete, something really uncommon at that time, given that we are actually talking about the dawn of the modern videogame phenomenon.

KraKoff deserves the credit for having focused on and growing a sector on which no one would have bet so much at the time, not to mention the importance it had in creating new devices capable of changing the gaming experience for professional gamers. . In short, today a legend goes away, may he rest in peace.

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