Death Stranding: Director’s Cut – How to transfer saves from PS4 to PS5

In this short guide dedicated to Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, we explain how to transfer game saves from PS4 to PS5

Only a few days ago Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has been made available for PS5, and the players in possession of the PS4 version of the title developed by Kojima Productions will be able to continue their adventure in this new edition, transferring bailouts. In fact, the improved edition for the latest addition to Sony will offer users many new playful options, able to make it interesting and stimulating to return to play the role of Sam, but to do so it will first be necessary import the saves linked to the original iteration of the production. And in this guide we explain the steps you will have to follow to resume the adventure where you ended it.

Connect everything, again

To transfer the saves will be, first of all, necessary launch the PS4 version of the game, which will have to be updated to the latest version, so as to include the patch necessary for progression compatibility. At this point we will have to continue the saved game, then press the Options button to open the menu related to handcuffs. Crushing the left button on the D-Pad we will then have to access the you System, from which to select Export Saves. In order to use this functionality, however, we will have to find each other near any delivery terminal. Interacting with him will not be necessary, but it will be enough just to be in his immediate vicinity. If we are not near a terminal, the export option will not be active, and therefore cannot be used.

Once the item is selected Export Saves, a long list will appear on the screen, showing everything that will be transferred to PS5, obviously together with what cannot be imported from PS4. Once this is done we will have to click on the OK item to continue, and therefore have the updated saves available and ready to be downloaded on PS5. At this point, all you have to do is start Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and select the function Load Save (PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5), present in the main menu of the game. By doing so we will recover the saves from the cloud, and you can therefore continue your adventure from the point where you left off.

Death Stranding: Director's Cut - How to transfer saves from PS4 to PS5

What will be kept in the passage – Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, guide to importing saves from PS4 to PS5

This is the list of everything will be imported when switching from PS4 to PS5:

  • The cargo being carried by Sam and the cargo in a Private Locker
  • Any vehicle placed in a garage
  • Structures such as signals will be repositioned as we get closer
  • Rewards, emails and interviews
  • Chips in memoria
  • The paths created will be kept, but no longer shared with other players
  • Roads
  • The materials donated to the various structures
  • The Trophies will be kept, unless the unlock conditions have been changed and the requirements are not met

Death Stranding: Director's Cut - How to transfer saves from PS4 to PS5

What will not be retained in the passage – Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, guide to importing saves from PS4 to PS5

Below, however, we present the list of what will be lost after importing saves:

  • All active orders or requests
  • Content shared online, such as facilities and vehicles, will be replaced with new options from the new server
  • The load present in the world
  • cargo in mailboxes or Safe Houses that cannot be rebuilt
  • Vehicles in the world or in Safe Houses that cannot be rebuilt
  • Structures that cannot be placed due to a terrain change
  • MULI, CA and the other enemies will return to their original state and all corpses will be removed from the world
  • The craters will disappear, resulting in land restoration, although some will remain
  • Information relating to other players from Bridge Links and Strand Contracts
  • The imported game options

Death Stranding: Director's Cut - How to transfer saves from PS4 to PS5

Privacy first of all

Ultimately the most important elements will be imported from PS4 to PS5, but the active missions will not be, as well as everything that cannot be built due to changes to the terrain or problems related to the server. If you want to be sure to transfer certain items, therefore, the advice is to store everything in a Private Locker.

This concludes our guide dedicated to importing PS4 saves into Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5. We remind you that the game is officially available for the new Sony console. Before saying goodbye, and renewing the invitation to stay in the company of, we also remind you that on Instant Gaming you can find many offers related to the world of video games.