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Death Stranding Director’s Cut review: always a unique experience

Whether it’s the second, third or even just the first time, theapproach to Death Stranding is always something very special. Personally, this is my first experience with the title and how better to live it than with the Director’s Cut? The title is very particular and not suitable for everyone, but it certainly has a lot to tell. In addition to offering suggestive scenarios, it offers an interesting story, told with a decidedly immersive spirit. Why am I saying this? Because every step in the game world is so close to the real thing that, after a few moments, you will think you are truly playing the role of the protagonist. A difficult, long, not at all quick and immediate challengebut that has a lot to say. So, if you want to know more than Death Stranding Director’s Cut, all you have to do is continue reading ours review.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut review: an increasingly breathtaking panorama

As well as in the basic version, here too you will dress as Sam Porter Bridges, a courier with a very important mission. Packages will be your only reason for living, their delivery will be of vital importance. Everything will be handled as if it were real: the main dangers will be those of stumbling, losing balance, losing strength in transporting the goods. The rain will play a dirty role and the strange creatures that will appear will often put a spoke in the wheel, but we don’t want to go too far. With the Director’s Cut analysis, we want to highlight some of the changes made that you can savor by purchasing this new reworking. In particular, it is a version that pushes the potential of the next gen, adding some interesting features.

The first thing we noticed during the Death Stranding Director’s Cut review is his of the scenography that explodes on Playstation 5. The possibility of enjoying the title in 4K with super-accurate details is really the best. In the early stages of the gameplay I was so impressed that, for some traits, I couldn’t understand myself by watching an in-game movie or real footage. The details are exceptional: the mountains in the distance and the vegetation are reproduced with maniacal care. The glance is phenomenal, in all circumstances. The beauty of the scenography, already interesting in its basic version, is now expressed at maximum power. Obviously, a optimized and enhanced audio thanks to the potential of Playstation hardware.

death stranding directors cut recensione

It’s not over yet

Another feature that I always continue to appreciate is the feedback given by the controller. The potential of DualSense is incredible and, even in Kojima’s title, they do not fail to amaze us. The possibility of feeling in our hands what we are seeing and experiencing with our eyes is priceless. This is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects that we can experience on PlayStation 5. A feeling that is difficult to describe, but it is really very pleasant to experience.

In addition to the basics of the game, then the distribution of the transported cargo and its weight (key features to manage), the Director’s Cut contains some more guidance and guidance. In particular, in the early stages of the game, some tips are highlighted that will help us better understand the title and its phases. In addition to this, however, they were also introduced some different equipment which will help the player to complete different missions. Some of these introductions may discourage a little those who have already lived the experience in its basic version, appreciating its slow development. Others, however, could just change their mind, believing these are essential features to continue their journey.

The first is interesting modification occurs to the “quick jump” function. The Fragile Jump, which previously consisted of a list of places in the chiral map, becomes a choice directly on the map, for easier consultation.

death stranding directors cut recensione

Lots of equipment to choose from

Among the various equipment we find one “support skeleton”, Which is nothing more than an exoskeleton that is activated with the battery that makes loads lighter and movements more graceful. An interesting choice is to introduce a catapult for our cargo: this is able to launch the cargo in more distant areas, avoiding its transport among enemies. Always to escape the MULES, comes to the rescue on chiral bridge; it is a particular structure that allows us to connect some distant areas and cannot be crossed by enemies. You just have to watch out for rain or snow which destroys the structure. In any case, against the hostiles, there comes to the aid Maser Gun, a stun gun retort useful against human enemies.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut review: in a nutshell

We don’t want to worry too much but, come to the end of our review of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, we can only say that it is a unique and particular experience. The game is certainly different from the usual, introduces a particular mechanic and an interesting story. The scenography is amazing and is pushed to the maximum on the latest generation hardware. The involvement is 360 degrees, thanks also to the arrival of DualSense which does nothing but improve everything. The innovations introduced with the Director’s Cut are perhaps not enough to make those who already own it buy the title, but they are enough to convince those who were still waiting. If you were one of the curious, now is the right time to add it to your library. It is a journey, of a path in a work that has a lot to tell you. Particular, without a shadow of a doubt, but very intriguing.

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