Death Stranding è gratis su Epic Games Store

Death Stranding: il capolavoro di Hideo Kojima è gratis su Epic Games Store thumbnail

Good news for users of Epic Games Storewhich from today can download free one of the most beloved games in the history of video games: Death Stranding. This is an unmissable opportunity to play Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece and to discover the original adventure of Sam Porter Bridges.

As the legendary courier Sam Bridges, players will find themselves among the remains of an America devastated by the Death Stranding. The latter is a phenomenon that has caused multiple mysterious and varied explosions supernatural events. The aim of the players will be to restore hope to humanity in a journey to the West that will have only one goal: to survive human extinction.

Come ottenere Death Stranding gratis su Epic Games Store

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To get Death Stranding for free on the Epic Games Store, just visit the page dedicated to this link. Once downloaded, the game will remain in your digital library forever and you can play it on your PC whenever you want.

In the meantime, waiting for the already announced Death Stranding 2, last December Hideo Kojima himself had announced that the first game would soon become a film for the cinema.