Il 17 dicembre sarà la Giornata Nazionale dell'Esport thumbnail

December 17 will be National Esports Day

Il December 17, 2022 we will celebrate, for the first time, the National Esports Day.

Who promoted the initiative

It was the push for this recognition ProGaming Italywhich involved the most important protagonists of Italian Esport: player, coach, team, association, publisher and tournament organizer.

The day will serve to break down all physical and social barriers, involving the public in discussions and in-depth analysis of issues related to the trend and development of this sector of the gaming world.

“We believe in the values ​​of Esport and we transmit them in every event we organize,” he said Daniel Schmidhofer, founder and CEO from ProGaming Italy.

“Increasing awareness at an institutional level of how much the eSports sector is and can be an enabler of strong values ​​such as accessibility, sociability and inclusiveness, is the broader objective of the National Esports Day. Anyone involved in electronic sport has and strongly feels the responsibility of passing on these values ​​to the new generations”.

What will happen on December 17, the National Day of Esport

The celebrations will find their place in the online format Virtual Arena and prominent guests from the industry will be attending, including Charles BaronBrand Manager Italy, e il publisher Riot Games.

Among the professional players we will find i Klashl, to find out how the Italian market and sports scene has evolved from its origins to today, but not only. The interventions of Slim0 (Roberto Zappia) e you Wolcat.

The talks will be interspersed with challenges such as that of League of Legends and the tactical first person shooter VALUINGwith showmatches involving professional players and ProGraming Italia teams.

The National Esport Day will also see the participation of important partners such as: Women in Gamesa non-profit organization working for diversity in the video game sector in Italy; YouGovan international leader in market research; OIES – Italian Esports Observatorythe first B2B network in Italy that brings together operators in the sector through research and data sharing activities, training, networking and events.

The appointment is therefore for Saturday 17 December, for the first National Day of Esport.

ProGaming Italia also anticipates that the 2023 edition it will be even more engaging and full of activities, with panels, symposiums and lots of fun and educational events!

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