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Dell 2023: the new Latitude, Precision and more

Hybrid work, remote work, flexible work or office work. The professional world has never been so fluid. But none of these ways of working are possible without the right technology. For this reason, Dell has announced a product lineup for 2023 really interesting and varied: from the products Latitude ai Precision. And also various services and features that make it easier to work.

Dell 2023: the new Latitude, Precision and more

Unieuro is TECHNOLOGY. Hundreds of TECH products on offer.

While many people today are able to work from anywhere, there are still many challenges that limit work experience. It therefore becomes important to have the right product available, tailored to your needs.

Dell has therefore launched a very exciting product lineup for 2023, with new designs, new collaboration features and new levels of performance. The company streamlined its desktop portfolio though, but added a monitor and implemented smart solutions across the PC ecosystem. It also invests in sustainability, security, manageability and new services.

The new laptops and PCs

Dell laptops of 2023 bring several advances audio and video collaboration capabilitiesbut also sustainable materials and energy-saving mini-LED technology.

Il Latitude 9440 represents the world’s most collaborative commercial premium PC. Its line-inspired design XPS makes it suitable for executives, consultants and salespeople. It features the The world’s first tactile collaboration touchpad, highly customizable. This 2 in 1 is made with recycled and machined aluminum for a premium look and feel. The new keyboard, known as “zero-latex”, with wider keys with no gapsoffers optimal working comfort for prolonged use.

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I Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralight instead they can actually follow you anywhere. Both models, weighing around one kilogram, are surprisingly light yet robust. But without giving up a 16:10 display and a 5 MP camera for comfortable mobile productivity. Furthermore, in addition to the 13 and 14-inch sizes, there is also a 16-inch version for those who need a larger screen.

The Dell Precisions of 2023

Creators, designers, engineers, and other power users have unique needs. Performance and graphics capabilities become essential for running graphics-intensive applications and software, whether in the office, studio or on the go. With the power of new processors Intel 13th Gen Core e la GPU NVIDIA RTX of generation Ada, these needs are undoubtedly met.

Precision 5480 offers even better performance than last year, from the processor to the graphics card and beyond. But a 16-inch mobile workstation also comes to the Precision range of the 5000 series.

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The Precision 5680 has the world’s smallest 16-inch footprint, but offers amazing performance with the processor Intel Core i9 (45W) and up to 64GB DDR5 memoryalong with the GPU NVIDIA RTX 5000 There for graphics generation laptops. The 16:10 display and up to UHD+ with PremierColor they offer an even more immersive experience in a sleek, lightweight package.

The new OptiPlex range

The OptiPlex range, following customer feedback, has a streamlined portfolio so you can quickly identify the system based on their specific job requirements. So you can choose between a compact, minimalist desktop design with a range of performance options, or prioritize expandability and performance with a desktop tower.

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In addition, for 2023 Dell has introduced a nonew BIOS setup which saves valuable IT time. fromOptiPlex All-in-One all the way up to the towers, you have built-in collaboration, security, and privacy features.

Starting from the version OptiPlex Micro, you can find up to Intel Core i9 processors and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory. Coming to the version Towerfind 125W chips and the latest Nvidia cards, as well as up to 128GB DDR5 (which you can also find in the Small Form Factor.

The Dell UltraSharp Display

An efficient work setup requires software and ecosystem solutions around the PC. The new curved monitor Dell UltraSharp 49with hub USB-C, can meet the needs of financial traders, engineers and data analysts who need a multi-screen productivity. This monitor allows you to split the screen into two parts 27-inch QHD, with a 2000:1 contrast to work in any environment.

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Sustainability and more

In addition to hardware, software also plays an important role. In fact, Dell launches its Dell Optimizer in 2023, which extends PC intelligence to the entire Dell ecosystem. For features like canceling echoes during video calls, for example.

The impact of sustainability is also important, with Dell increasing the use of low-carbon aluminum with more recycled content in 2023. Solution that you find on Latitude 9440, and Precision 5680, but which will also arrive on the Latitude 7000 by the end of the year. The percentage of post-consumer recycled materials also increases in Precision 3000 workstations and commercial monitors. Also, the “Silent Mode” within Dell’s Thermal Management Settings
Optimizer can provide up to 18% energy savings.

In addition, Dell says its PCs are most secure in the industry in 2023, thanks in part to a partnership with CrowdStrike, a hardware supply chain security offering and managed detection and response services to help customers manage security threats .

Dell has launched a range of really interesting solutions for 2023, you can find them on the site.

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