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Dell: how technological innovations are changing the market

Il Dell Technologies Forum Italia will be held Wednesday 18 October, in Milan at the Superstudio Più in via Tortona, 27. In this context, the company will participate in the event with the aim of understanding and explaining how technological innovations are changing the world market. And not only that, in this context customers also have the opportunity to improve the situation, supported by an ecosystem of partners, to implement them successfully.

Dell and technological innovations are the protagonists of the Dell Technologies Forum Italia

Filippo Ligresti, Vice President & Managing Director of Dell Technologies Italia – Supported by Marco Montemagno – will open the plenary session of the Forum and with a look to the future will talk about how to make companies more competitive and resilient thanks to the most innovative technologies and human capital.

A Frediano Lorenzin, country field CTO of Dell Technologiesthe task instead of talking about the latest technological trends: from Cybersecurity to Edge, from Multicloud to Artificial Intelligence up to the business applications of the most advanced Generative AI systems, in respect of which Dell represents a leading voice on a global level.

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Dell and technological innovations: an exceptional guest

The 2023 Forum will see the participation of an exceptional guest: Carlo Verdone, actor, director, screenwriter and writer.

The word to Filippo Ligresti, vp&md of Dell Technologies Italia

“The digital shift has challenged organizations to think differently about how they organize and how they develop and measure ideas,” he said. Filippo Ligresti, vp&md of Dell Technologies Italia. “The future is difficult to predict and many new ideas risk becoming obsolete before they are implemented. It is the combination of leadership, culture and technology that turns great ideas into reality at the pace the market demands. The Dell Technologies Forum is not only a moment of discussion, but also a facilitator of this transition, thanks to the possibility of meeting experts and sharing one’s experiences with customers and partners”.

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