Democrats vs Google: The Abortion Data Issue

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After the thorny issue of Meta that prohibits employees from discussing abortion, let’s go back to talking about the subject once again. Recently, in fact, a group of lawmakers US Democrats they asked Google to stop the collection of data relating to the location of smartphones belonging to women who have chosen to have an abortion. The reason? The data itself would make it possible to identify these people, effectively violating their right to privacy.

Google: Democrats ask not to take up the position of women who choose to have abortions

There is great turmoil in the United States on the subject of abortion. The Supreme Court is considering overturning the ruling granting access to abortion nationwide, generating concerns virtually everywhere. In this situation, a group of Democrats asked Google to stop collecting private data from women who choose to have abortions. “We are concerned that, in a world where abortion could be made illegal, Google’s current practice of collecting and storing large repositories of cell phone location data will enable it to become a tool for far-right extremists seeking to crack down on people seeking health care “.

So we read in the letter written by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders along with 40 other US lawmakers, who have decided to send it to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. On this occasion, the Democrats also made a clear distinction between the attitude of Google and that of Apple. “Apple has shown that smartphone companies don’t need to maintain invasive tracking databases of their customers’ locations. Google’s intentional choice to do so is creating a new digital divide, in which privacy and security have become a luxury “. In short, user privacy first of all. Especially in the case of an abortion.

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