Apple prepara nuovi imballaggi sostenibili per i suoi iPhone riparati thumbnail

Designing your own iPhone is now possible, here’s how

Creating your own iPhone design is now possible thanks to this thumbnail site

The design of the iPhones that have arrived on the market in recent years continues to be discussed. With the news coming with the new iPhone 14 Pro, which will say goodbye to the notch, there will probably be room for further arguments on the matter. Today we point out a site that allows users to create the iPhone design, or more generally of your smartphone, in a completely autonomous way. Here are the details:

Creating the design of your iPhone today is possible thanks to this website

Per create the smartphone of the propri dreams you can use this website. It is a particular tool that allows you to customize your smartphone from all points of view. In this way, creating the design of the new iPhone or any Android smartphone will become much easier.

In particular, iPhone users who are preparing to say goodbye to the notch with the arrival of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (which will include the double “pill” on the display) will be able to use various tools to identify the right options to create the smartphone. desired.

Apple will, of course, continue on its own path but imagining the smartphone of your dreams costs nothing and this site allows us to do it in a really simple way, thanks to a particular sistema drag and drop. You just have to try to create the iPhone of your choice.

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