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Destiny 2: everything we know about the Whispering Queen expansion

After a long wait, we finally got to take a look at the unveiling trailer for the Destiny 2 Whispering Queen expansion.. The video made in computer graphics showed us the narrative incipit of the new story that the boys of Bungee they intend to tell us: a story will lead us to face Savathn, the sister of Oryx, whom we have already defeated in the past.

Destiny 2: here is the trailer of the Queen of Whispers

The Whispering Queen expansion finally has a release date. In fact, during the event dedicated to the presentation of the new trailer, Bungee confirmed that the new DLC will arrive on February 22, 2022 and that will bring with it a large amount of news that will make fans of the game happy. Before taking a look at this season’s confirmed bonuses for now, let’s try to figure out who the Queen of Whispers is who gives the expansion its name.

Of course, this title refers to Savathûn, sister of Oryx, god of the Hive that we have already defeated in the first Destiny. Savathûn, however, is branded as a heretic by the same Hive to which she belongs, since the logic of the sword, which has ruled this species for millennia since the pact with the Worms, has preferred a personal conduct, based on deceptions and subterfuges.

The presence of this evil queen has lingered in Destiny 2 ever since the expansion came out Beyond the Light. During the Season of the Hunt in fact we faced Xivu Arath, another queen of the Hive, who we later discovered to be a rival and not an ally of Savathûn as it seemed at first, precisely because of her heretical thinking.

In Season of the Elect then we discovered how Savathûn managed to conquer the capital planet of the Cabal through a dense network of subterfuges, which allowed his troops to land undisturbed in the skies of Torobatl. It was this event that allowed the alliance between Guardians and Cabal, as the former are the only ones capable of killing the Hive gods (who remembers Crota, Oryx and Xol?).

Finally there is the Tecnosimbionte season, in which we witnessed an attempted coup d’état by Lakshimi, which according to many would have been maneuvered, you have already understood, by Savathûn.

The Queen of deceptions

In short, the skeletal hand of the queen seems to be behind most if not all the events that have set in motion our adventures in Destiny 2 recently, it is now quite clear that she is behind the eternal night that has enveloped the city of the Guardians.

The Infinite Night was in fact caused by a Vex mind called Quria, who fought thousands of years ago against Oryx, who managed to bribe her and then donate her to the Queen of Whispers, as an object of study. During the final stages of the Endless Night, Savathûn even managed to create a human body to infiltrate the streets of the city, and experiencing a kind of “pleasure” in interacting with the inhabitants of the city.

An alienating detail that does not suit a master of deceptions like her. What does bungee have in store for us in the next expansion?

One thing is certain: the queen has moved all of her pieces to perfection and finally seems ready to make her final move. We may even see a partial alliance with her faction to kill the remaining Hive gods, as without them Savathûn would have a free rein to total domination of the Hive, a goal she may not be able to accomplish on her own.

The special editions

To conclude this article, we point out that Bugee has confirmed the distribution of some special editions of the game that will be made available at the launch of the expansion. Here are all the details shared by the software house.

Deluxe Edition (Price: 79.99 euros):

  • Exotic submachine gun, catalyst and decoration
  • Access to all seasons of Year 5 (16-19)
  • The two Dungeons of Year 5
  • Exotic goshawk: Tronomondo

30 years package (Price: 99.99 euros):

  • All the contents of the Deluxe Edition
  • New secret
  • Exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher with catalyst and decoration
  • New weapons inspired by the old worlds of Bungie
  • armor Acúleo
  • Bungie Streetwear Decor Set
  • Marathon inspired decor set
  • Exclusive helmet decoration
  • Exotic falconer
  • Exotic ship
  • Emblems, shaders, emotes and more

Collector’s Edition (Price: 249.99 euros):

  • All the contents of the 30 years package
  • Kit for psychic investigations of the Occult
  • Reproduction of the Hive Ghost
  • Identification tag of the Occults
  • Booklet of legends and other mysteries from the Tronomondo of Savathun
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