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Destiny 2 The Queen of Whispers is now available, here is all the news

After a painful postponement, The Queen of Whispersthe new expansion of Destiny 2 is finally available. Despite the years, Bungie has managed so far to keep the universe of the second chapter of Destiny alive and vibrant and with this new expansion, it seems to want to raise the bar again. This expansion will indeed offer a new exciting story, new weapons, secondary skills and the return of old flames, including the planet Mars.

So let’s find out what awaits us in the promising new expansion of Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers.

Discovering Destiny 2 The Queen of Whispers

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers focuses on the figure of Savathûn, the queen of the Hive already antagonist of the first expansion of Destiny. The Queen perfectly embodies the Hive philosophy that she sees in the fight and extermination of other living beings, the only reason for her existence. Savathûn has returned to serve the Worm Gods and attack the Guardians of Light from within. Through the art of subterfuge and deception, the Queen of Whispers has managed to infiltrate the Tower and somehow acquire the secrets of the guardians. She, her sisters and her servants, are in fact apparently able to use the power of the Light, until now the prerogative of the guardians.

Savathûn’s attacks coincide with the sudden return of the planet Mars, engulfed by darkness in the events of Beyond the Light. Here our guardian, led by Ikora and Eris Morn, will explore a version of the planet shrouded in mystery and time warps before discovering the figure of the Whispering Queen and her army. Some of the enemies will be able to use the powers of the Light complete with a void ability, protection shield and much more.

The news of the new expansion

Destiny 2 The Queen of Whispers

In addition to a gripping new storyline full of mystery, battles and twists, Destiny 2: Queen of Whispers brings with it a host of new gameplay changes and changes.

Among the main changes are the Natures and Shards of skills that provide additional upgrades and an increase in the characteristics of the Guardian. It is a simple but profound development of skills that, when combined properly, will be able to give the right advantage in the most difficult encounters. Indeed, The Whispering Queen introduces the ability to play the campaign in Legendary Mode. As the name suggests, in this mode the enemies will be more numerous, violent and resistant for an exceptional challenge that will offer even more important rewards.

The falchion

In this expansion we also find a new type of weapon, the Falcione. It is a new type of weapon that allows both melee and ranged attacks and even to generate a protection shield capable of blocking incoming bullets. The Falcione will be present in various versions, including exoticand it will be one of the first weapons we will be able to create with the new weapon crafting system.

The creation of custom weapons is in fact another novelty of this expansion. Weapons can be crafted in the new Enclave scenario, located on Mars. We will therefore be able to modify them, customize the shaders to obtain a unique weapon with types that adapt to our style of play.

You will need all the available arsenal to win the main campaign and overcome the new challenges. Among these we find the Source, a new six-player activity for the conquest of the Tronomondo, the new destination in Destiny 2. To this, the new raid will be added, starting at 7:00 pm on March 5, “Disciple’s Promise”. In this foray we will discover a submerged Pyramid in the swamps of the Tronomondo and we will have to discover the ancient segreeti buried in this place.

What’s new in Destiny 2 Queen of Whispers at a glance:

  • The Shining Brood – Soldiers of the hive to whom the Queen of Whisperings has bestowed the power of the Light. Guardians will now have to deal with enemies who are able to come back to life and use their own powers
  • Weapons production – Create custom weapons with unique mods, shaders, and stat combinations. Discover a new type of weapon, the Glaive: harnesses powerful melee, ammo blasts and an energy shield
  • The falchion – A new type of melee weapon that allows you to fire light charges at enemies and create a protective shield against incoming bullets
  • The Tronomondo – The new destination of Destiny 2, Savathûn’s control center
  • Source – A new six-player activity for the conquest of the Tronomondo
  • New raid “Disciple’s Promise” – Available from March 5th, 7pm
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