Detroit Become Human: comes a double vinyl with the soundtrack

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Quantic Dream, the software house has decided to publish a double vinyl of the soundtrack of one of its most popular games: Detroit: Become Human. This is a limited edition of only 500 copies, available for purchase on the Quantic Dream eShop, available at a price of € 44.99. This is the second edition produced by the studio after the first limited edition launched in September 2020.

Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack Volume 2

Disc A will include:

  • The music composed by Nima Fakhrara for Connor, a character with a cold and clinical personality.
  • Philip Sheppard’s orchestral composition dedicated to Kara’s exciting and intense research.
  • Relive the fight for the freedom of android with the music of John Paesano that was the background to the events of Markus and Jericho.

On disc B we will find 8 talented independent Detroit artists, from soul to hard rock through techno, who have helped to bring the spirit of their beloved city into the game.




We remind you that the exclusive limited edition of the soundtrack is limited to only 500 copies, available for purchase from today on the official Quantic Dream online store.

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