Developers Run Away From Ubisoft: What’s Happening?

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According to what was reported by some internal sources, Ubisoft is losing a large number of developers en masse, in what employees are already referring to as “the great exodus“. Among the reasons that are pushing developers to leave the company are the low salaries, the presence of better opportunities for the same skills required and a general frustration with the way in which the software house relates to its employees.

Developers abandon Ubisoft

According to reports from the Axios editors, many talents are currently in the process of abandoning Ubisoft. We are not talking about a handful of employees but a real one mass exodus, to the point that sources speak of the company as a severed artery. A phenomenon that, moreover, we have already partially seen in progress with the farewell of Virginie Hass recently.

To be particularly subject to this abandonment is the creative sector of the company, with particular attention to five developers of Far Cry 6, that they would have already left the company in favor of other job prospects. But obviously the phenomenon does not stop there, given that thirteen other specialized professionals would also be ready to leave the software house permanently.

In this second case we are talking about employees who have greatly contributed to the development of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and that would leave a huge void in Ubisoft’s ranks. Simultaneously with all this, Axios reports that in recent months the Ubisoft Canada division has lost the beauty of sixty employees; a very worrying situation if confirmed.

Among the reasons for this general abandonment we find the low salaries, but not only. In fact, many of the developers have shown their disappointment with respect to creative policies of the company, also referring to cases of internal abuse not better identified occurred in 2021. For its part, Ubisoft said it had experienced a greater loss of personnel than usual, but not so high as not to be normal.

Precisely for this reason, however, the software house has hired 2600 new employees.

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