I dispositivi che non supporteranno il nuovo piano economico di Netflix thumbnail

Devices that won’t support Netflix’s new business plan

Netflix recently launched his new business plan with advertising: here are the unsupported devices from the new subscription, now available in 12 countries.

Devices not supported by the new Netflix subscription


Today debuts in 12 countries Netflix’s new plan with advertising supportwhich offers customers a new and cheap option for streaming. Unfortunately it seems that not all devices will be able to support the new subscription. In fact, the company’s support page offers a list of devices they will support e they will not support the new plan. So, if you were thinking about changing your subscription, you should check that your device is compatible before proceeding.

As for mobile devices, if you use them iOS devices e Androidyou need to update them respectively to at least iOS 15 e Android 7 o later versions. For those who use a Chromecastthe ad plan will only be supported by models that support the Google TV. This means that if you are using a first, second or third generation Chromecast, the new Netflix advertising plan it won’t work on your device. Also, if you are using Chromecast Ultra, the service will not be compatible.

The owners of Apple TV they will probably be the most excluded, since none of the models will offer support for the new Netflix subscription. The same goes for the PlayStation 3if you are still using one for Netflix streaming.

As for Amazon’s smart TVs, PC and Mac computers, and streaming products, all will work perfectly. For more information you can consult the official site.

In case you have a unsupported deviceas in the case of an Android or iOS device, you can try update the software. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to either buy a new device or stick with your current Netflix plan. Fortunately, if you are looking to upgrade your streaming device, the Black Friday it’s around the corner so all you have to do is wait a few more weeks.

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