Diablo 4: how to change weapon

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In this guide we will explain how to change weapons on Diablo 4, the new chapter of the historic Blizzard Hack & Slash series

After a long wait the new chapter of Diablo is finally available worldwide. Sure longtime fans of the Blizzard saga will have already settled into the game but novices may still have some difficulty in understanding some mechanics. In particular it seems that many people are dubious about how to change weapon in Diablo 4 and to help them we decided to write this guide.

Diablo 4: how to change weapon

Stuff for a few | Diablo 4: how to change weapon

If you have played other Hack & Slash games like Diablo 4 you will most likely be used to the possibility of switch weapons in the middle of combat. Unfortunately, however, apparently in this fourth chapter not everyone can switch between equipment freely.

I Barbarians in fact they are the only characters able to change weapons during a battle since they possess unique skills related to the type of damage they inflict. This sadly means that if you are using another class you will have no way to switch between weapons and you will have to limit yourself to using the one you prefer.

Diablo 4: how to change weapon

Manual gearbox | Diablo 4: how to change weapon

If you are playing as the Barbarian you will surely have noticed that some of your skills allow you to automatically change weapon you are using in combat. For example if you use a skill that deals bludgeoning damage to your PC it will automatically switch to the strongest weapon of this type you have equipped.

In some cases, however, there are more generic skills that automatically select the weapon with the best stats but that sometimes it may not be the most suitable one. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome this problem manually assign a specific weapon to each skill of your Barbarian. To do this, simply open the skill tree, select the skill you are interested in and press the mouse wheel. This will open another menu that will allow you to assign the weapon of your choice to that technical specification.

Diablo 4: how to change weapon

Ready for battle

This concludes our guide on how to change weapons in Diablo 4. Now that you know how to manually assign weapons to the Barbarian’s skills, your combat effectiveness will certainly increase a lot. Our article ends here but, if you are interested in learning more about the game, on our site you will find many others guides dedicated to Diablo 4:

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