Diablo Immortal will arrive for PC and mobile in June

Diablo Immortal sarà disponibile per PC e mobile a partire da giugno thumbnail

With an announcement arrived today (April 25), Blizzard Entertainment has made it known that Diablo Immortal will be available for PC and mobile starting June 2nd 2022. The news comes directly from a live streaming with the game director (Wyatt Cheng) and the Senior manager for community development (Adam Fletcher). The free to play action RPG will be compatible for both iOS and Android devices and will come with crossplay. Players will also be able to save their progress and resume the game from any platform.

Over 30 million pre-registrations for Diablo Immortal

During the announcement Wyatt Cheng also presented a brand new gameplay trailer, which shows us a preview of the six classes present (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Wizard). The video also allowed us to appreciate some of the many maps provided in addition to the numerous bosses that players will have to face in the game. Finally, as stated by Blizzard, there are over 30 million pre-registered players awaiting the official launch on 2 June.

According to Cheng, the game “works great on PC” and will feature controller support. Adam Fletcher added that many of the innovations introduced come from community feedback, especially from the latest closed beta of the game.

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