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Diablo IV: the best areas in the game for farming

If you want to make money in hell, you’ll have to find the best farming areas: don’t worry, the Diablo IV open beta is also for this!

If you are looking for the best areas for farming in the realm of the damned of Diablo IV… we also understand you, but the question remains: Why? We’ve already got our hands on the game in early access, and in due course we’ll be brainstorming to put together the much-needed open beta preview. However, we also know that the more eager among you are already clamoring to know which areas to consider your personal hunting ground. Reach the maximum level, upgrade your character and get the best equipment possible. Yes, we are aware of your needs.

As we did with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, we will also point out the best ways to enrich you in the game and, why not, steal the various here and there legendary items of the case. There are several ways to stock up on gold and good weapons, and going straight to the point is also the best way to avoid wasting time. Whether you’re a beginner or it’s your fourth tango with Lilith, this guide should be for you. Naturally, we will also take our time to make a necessary basic premise, precisely because of the rather premature situation in which we are preparing the guide.

Virgil, infernal guide and search engine – Diablo IV: the best areas for farming

We can already anticipate one thing on the preview of Diablo IV that awaits you: the best areas for farming have a name now and could have another on day one. You see, given the condition of videogame virginity in which the gamer is far from veteran with some franchises, it is worth checking later if the translation has been completed. Several examples of jokes, in fact, have made their way through the dialogues while remaining entirely in the same English who is the native language of the guys on the development team. We’re pretty sure we can call Kyovashad the main city in the game in the future as well, but other locations may move to the registry office.

What we’re trying to tell you, rather awkwardly, is that the guide may turn out to be a little more “bilingual” than you might find desirable (see below a screenshot of the PS4 version we scrutinized). A large chunk of open beta awaits us over the course of as well this weekendwaiting for eight in the evening of Monday 27 March (same day of the sad closure of the Nintendo eShop of 3DS and Wii U) decree its end. By then, we’ll try to double-check to make sure we haven’t sent you anywhere in the name of better weapons. Or maybe, according to the information we’ve found these days, we should talk about the best “gear”. Maybe.

Diablo IV: the best areas in the game for farming

World Events – Diablo IV: Best Zones for Farming

As the open beta guide itself reminds us, the player will have access to the prologue and the first act of the game, with the possibility of bringing the characters to level 25 and, at certain times, face the “world” boss Ashiva. Here, let’s spend a few words on the concept of world events. You will see other players running around in the game world (pace with the framerate, especially in Kyovashad, but we’ll talk more about it in the preview). There is an event open to all at the northwest of crossroads (one of the points on the map intended for fast travel, Waypoint in English) del Bear Tribe Refuge (“shelter of the bear tribe”).

You will find the refuge in the northern half of the region Frigid Expanse, in the same mountain area at the start of the game around Kyovashad. The event isn’t particularly difficult, and unlike the RPG we mentioned in the incipit the level of the enemies adapts to yours. Of course, you will still have to deal with a lot of them, so it is good that you are ready for it. At the end of the event you can go home with all the swag, which also includes experience and legendary items. The best part, though, is the ability to teleportarvi the Kyovashad with a press of the d-pad e come back shortly after to start all over. Use the map below to orient you on two of the three locations we’ll be discussing today.

Diablo IV: the best areas in the game for farming

The dungeon Anica’s Claim – Diablo IV: the best areas for farming

What’s better than an event near the crossroads than before? But another, what questions! So always teleport to the same shelter and then turn south. So head to Malnok (which we doubt has an Italian translation, to enter the dungeon called Anica’s Claim (“Anica’s request/claim”). Once inside, you’ll need to defeat gods Animus Carrier Elite-style, each of which will drop legendary items and high-level trinkets. What makes the method so effective is, needless to say, the large number in which you will find these enemies in the dungeon. Do two accounts in your pocket.

To hoard gold, you can resort to altars. Each of them can be activated once for each dungeon, and tends to increase a characteristic of your character (speed in attacks, offensive power, etc.). It so happens that, for a limited time, enemies hit after interacting with the Greed Shrine (“shrine of greed”, below in English in the Xbox version) every hit landed will drop gold. There may be other dungeons where you can do the same, but for now this is your best alternative (well, one of the best) to turning over the hollow logs around Nevesk. Just never leave the dungeon; restart it, rather, through the game diary.

Diablo IV: the best areas in the game for farming

Osgar Reede

The last method to get rich is to face Osgar Reedeelite of level 35. Yes, we know that you can only touch a maximum set ten levels below. Anyway, use the crossroads of Lifting and head to the western part of the place, thus reaching Camios Landing (hopefully we can use Italian names soon). We tell you now: Osgar Reede is a unique elite, and as such he will require a lot of skill to defeat him. Also, he is an enemy with pyromancy. Rather try to attack the boss only and only when the risk of reprisals is minimized.

Once the enemy is defeated, beware of thefinal explosion: You may get hurt when you least expect it. However, the reward will be adequate: valuable loot and tools worthy of a high-level opponent. As a method it is lucrative, but it is essential that you make sure you have all the right skills to deal with it. If you want a challenge and demand a reward that is worthy of it, then, you know where to go. Or rather, we can’t really say “you know” given the small linguistic mistakes, but we are confident that this guide can age as badly as possible.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: have we been useful to you? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.