Diablo IV: the new chapter is coming with all the new customizations

Diablo IV: in arrivo il nuovo capitolo con tutte le nuove personalizzazioni thumbnail

Diablo IV offers players unprecedented opportunities for customization and makes a tailor-made gaming experience possible. The will of the player is the very DNA of the game, from the characterization of the character to the path that is undertaken in the side missions, up to the ways of exploring the world of Diablo. All are invited, because Hell welcomes all. Here are some of the ways players can step into the world of Diablo as a character never so much customizable.

Diablo IV Classes

Hordes of evil demons to slay, countless abilities to master, nightmarish dungeons, and dreamy loot – the new ARPG empowers players to bring this world with them.any playstyle developed in previous Diablo games.

Diablo IV features several classes for players to choose from, in order to customize the game according to your preferences. Deciding on the class is crucial, as it will dictate how the game evolves – making the right choice is essential.

It will be possible to become a Barbaroa relentless warrior and fighter, to rush into battle without delay, master any weapon and annihilate your opponents.

Instead, you can choose a Enchantera wizard capable of manipulating any element, whether you want to hurl lightning bolts, impale your enemies with bolts of ice, and rain fiery meteors from the sky.

And Cutthroat is ready for any eventuality. He is a chameleon-like, cunning and stealthy warrior who offers players the ability to specialize in different types of combat, from poisoning to dark magic.

To fight in the wilderness, the Druid is the best choice: a shapeshifter who can easily transform into all sorts of creatures, such as werewolves.

Il NecromancerFinally, she is the most cunning of the classes, a manipulator of life and death that allows you to summon hosts of undead minions to overwhelm your opponents.

Character customization in Diablo IV

Unlike previous chapters, in Diablo IV the choices for character creation are almost endless. The appearance is completely up to the player, without the constraint of sticking to specific archetypes.

You can decide the facial features, beard, eye color, skin tone, hair color, piercings and much more. Each class also has a unique hairstyle that sets it apart, yet another reason to choose your class carefully. Players can also rely on dozens of designs and symbols to cover the entire body of the characters, allowing them to be tattooed from head to toe.

The wardrobe and equipment are also customizableso in Diablo IV each player will have a completely different look from the other: players will be able to express themselves like never before and bring to life the warrior within them.

Game style selection

At the beginning of the game will be introduced the Diablo IV Skill Tree, which provides players with multiple skills to enhance and master during the adventure. Players can decide to focus on a specific section of the Skill Tree, or prefer the most effective according to the needs of the moment, ranging as they please.

Il Paragon boardFurthermore, it is a platform that allows players to delve into the theory of crafting and immerse themselves in the skill system of Diablo IV once they complete the Skill Tree. Several nodes are positioned on this board that give a wide range of statistics, from additional dexterity and intelligence, as well as even more powerful nodes capable of completely modifying a skill, unlocking bonuses and improving gameplay. Players will be able to plan the evolution of their skills: simply identify the desired ones on the Paragon board and then move towards them.

I players will have more opportunities than ever to shape their game and customize it at will. The characters will be able to have the look you want, and everyone will be able to dictate their own rules of the game. In Diablo IV, the possibilities are endless.

When and where it will be available

Diablo IV will launch on June 6th on Xbox and PlayStation, as well as PC via Battle.net.