Diablo IV, the Season of the Husks: here are all the news

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Diablo IV is a game designed for continuous evolution and always new content, an expansion that opens with the Season of the Husks. This very first season of content arrives on July 20th: here’s what to expect.

Diablo IV Season of the Husks coming July 20

In the last live broadcast, the creators of Diablo IV talked about the brand new content coming in the first season. New faces, enemies, powers are among the novelties revealed by the minds of the game, together with the first one Seasonal route it is the first Pass Battaglia.

In the world of Diablo, Seasons give you the ability to restart the Season Track with the new features of game additions. Players can experiment with new configurations starting from the same level, or try a new experience by choosing their favorite class combination.

To raise the level of a new character it is not necessary to start from scratch, as the fame and benefits gained from them Altar at Lilith are kept. Additionally, players who have unlocked the mount will be able to use it right away with the new character. After the Season ends, the characters will move to the Eternal Kingdombecoming permanently accessible.

What happens in Season 1

A new adventure is about to begin in Sanctuary: a mysterious threat roams the land embodied by the Vile monsters. To stop them, it will be necessary to accompany the ex-priest Cormond and fight the infestation, trapping the Abject Hearts and setting them in rings and amulets. The fight does not require no experience: All players, old and new, will be able to jump into the Seasonal Realms to take on the campaign.

From the main campaign you will be able to make progress and then move on to seasonal content and new game features. Hardcore gamers and gamers will have the opportunity to create new characters and experiment with new classes or builds in the Season Path. This achievement system will offer rewards with each completed chapter, thus advancing in the Pass Battaglia and obtaining exclusive power-ups.

Season of the Husks is coming on July 20. The live details are available on the official website.

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