Diablo X-Player 2.0 review: the devilish Diablo Chairs gaming chair

Diablo X-Player 2.0 review: the devilish Diablo Chairs gaming chair

In this article we will see the review of the Diablo X-player 2.0, a truly unique gaming chair. It’s hard not to be charmed by the proposals of this gaming chair!

The Devil is in the details says a famous proverb. Diablo Chairs he took this famous phrase and made it his own, using it as a motto and probably also as a lifestyle.

In this review of the Diablo X-Player 2.0, we are going to find out how the Polish company has succeeded in offering a comfortable seat, a unique design and impressive comfort. All without giving up a series of details to leave you speechless.

Obviously, not all that glitters is gold and “the Devil may have put his hand in it”. In this review we will be the ones to take on the role of the dark lord and we will go to the frantic search for every quality, but also every defect, of this armchair created for gaming.

Specifications and assembly | Diablo X-Player 2.0 Review

Here are some specifics of the chair, which I remember is divided into three sizes (Kids, Normal and King). In our review we will see the Normal size which is also the most common.

  • Seat width: 50 cm
  • Stature: designed for a person up to 180 cm tall
  • Overall height: 131 cm
  • Overall width: 66 cm
  • Seat depth: 52 cm
  • Backrest height: 82 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Lifting capacity: 150 kg
  • Seat height: 48-58

The instructions provided were fundamental during the assembly phase. Really very clear, thanks to complete and exhaustive drawings.

The attention to detail is immediately noticed first in the packaging and immediately after in the accessories supplied for assembly. In fact, together with the chair you will find not only the Allen key necessary for fixing the screws needed to mount the Diablo X-Player 2.0, but also a couple of cloth gloves so as not to dirty the chair itself. An addition that embellishes the package and denotes customer care.

The packaging, as mentioned, is careful not to scratch any part of the chair. Each part is individually packaged and therefore results impossible, even for the most clumsy courier, manage to spoil the content of the packaging.

Design and materials | Diablo X-Player 2.0 Review

The design of this gaming chair leaves you truly amazed. Every single detail is treated in a maniacal way.

Nothing is left to chance. In the red / black color that we had the pleasure of testing (after all we are writing about a devilish chair) black is prevalent but the red inserts, like the strip that marks the meridian line, give a very captivating touch to the complex. Obviously the chair in question is also present in total black or black and white color if you prefer.

The colors, red and black, are also taken up by the two cushions supplied. Cushions essential to fully appreciate the seat, but we will talk about this later.

The aesthetic side is embellished with a series of details capable of making you raving. In the front part (that of the seat to be clear) we find the symbol of the Diablo Chairs. Going down we find the textual logo of the brand present on the cervical cushion and the model name of the chair on the lumbar cushion. All logos are sewn and not printed in black on red to match the colors of the gaming chair.

In the back section you can find the same repeated logos and others that further embellish the aesthetic side.

Diablo X-Player 2.0 review: the devilish Diablo Chairs gaming chair

Let’s take a look at the chosen materials

The materials that make up the seat and back are really of premium invoice. We indeed find that the crimson part is made of EcoFiber fiber which is airy and extremely resistant.

The anthracite colored part stands out for the Diablo Honeycomb network absolutely unique, with a breathable honeycomb structure.

The side of the seat and the back of the backrest are covered in durable HDS eco-leather. For the padding we find HR foam, which makes the seat surprisingly comfortable.

The large Dual Layer seat consists of a double layer of foam: the lower one is harder and the upper one is softer, which guarantees maximum comfort and further shock absorption.

For i armrests a was chosen materiale soft-touch which turns out to be resistant but soft at the same time.

The casters of the 5-spoke chair, are in solid plastic material but able to avoid any scratch on the surface on which they rest.

In our opinion, the choice of fabric is essential especially in the warmer seasons. Leather undoubtedly adds a different aesthetic and impact value (if you like) but the comfort of the fabric in the hottest days is out of the question in our opinion.

The only flaw lies in the ease in which the dust could lurk in the knit of the fabric. The solution, however, is given by the possibility to wash the fabric safely which can also be partially unlined!

Diablo X-Player 2.0 review: the devilish Diablo Chairs gaming chair

Comfort and use | Diablo X-Player 2.0 Review

The possibilities offered by this gaming chair are truly endless. Just as in the case of materials and construction, one also denotes comfort attention to detail of the highest level.

Let’s start with the most important part of a chair: the seat with attached backrest. The seat is very spacious and comfortable, also thanks to the materials mentioned above, for this reason I would advise you to be very careful in choosing the size. There “normal” size (the one you are reading about) is quite generous in size so be careful to choose the correct size for you.

It remains very easy to be enticed by the few euros needed to get it “King” size which, however, could be too far from your real needs (all the measures on the official website).

The backrest is the real highlight of the offer. In addition to the mere aesthetic taste and the myriad of details that we have already talked about enough, it is essential that a chair is comfortable and can help prevent joint pain of various kinds.

Too often the health of our body is put aside to give the eye priority. In the Diabo X-Player 2.0 the two things go hand in hand.

The credit obviously goes to backrest and its ergonomic padding and cushions supplied. In addition, the excellent system that allows you to recline the backrest is really at the top.

We find in fact the possibility of position the backrest in multiple positions with a single lever. To get specific we have 4 primary locking positions divided with a90 ° angle suggested for the job and the PC game, one of 120° recommended for console play, one of 140 ° recommended for watching a movie and finally one of 60 ° for a nap. The only big problem will be finding the strength to break away from this gaming chair.

The armrests also have a very intelligent management system. More than once, like various office and gaming chairs, we have noticed that we do not have the armrests at the right height.

One desk can be taller than another, one monitor can be larger than another, and so on. Consequently, the seat height does not always correspond to the desired height for the armrests.

Diablo Chairs has solved this problem by giving the possibility to fix the armrests at three different heights by pressing a convenient button just below the armrest. A truly apt choice that further denotes attention to detail and comfort.

If that’s not enough the armrests have a rotation system which allows you to choose between three positions. This way if you play with a pad rather than a mouse and keyboard you can widen or narrow the range of distance between your arms. The only flaw of this system is the too much simplicity in which these armrests move. Sometimes you may inadvertently tighten or widen the angle of the armrest, we would have liked to see a lock and unlock button for this function as well as for the height of the armrests but perhaps we are really asking too much.

Diablo X-Player 2.0 review: the devilish Diablo Chairs gaming chair

Who should buy this gaming chair?

In conclusion we would like to advise anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the PC or a console. The price is not very low but we feel comfortable stating that this chair is worth every penny.

The attention to detail, the attention to the customer, the materials used and the systems adopted make the Diablo X-Players 2.0 a wise choice for joint health while not giving up in the least to a fantastic aesthetic impact.

There are some small defects that we feel we can easily overlook. In a nutshell if you are not afraid to spend a few euros more to have maximum comfort this is the gaming chair for you!

All photographs in this review were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DC-G90.

Points in favor

  • Excellent materials
  • Top accessories and features
  • Unique design

Points against

  • Price a little high
  • Dirty fabric
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