Diamond quantum computer: Australia installs first

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Today in Australia the first “diamond quantum computer” was installed at room temperature

Yes, today Australia has completed the installation of the first diamond quantum computer. First of all, quantum computing (for more details click here) is a type of computation that helps classical computational methods to achieve enormous accelerations in certain operations.

Unlike classical computers, quantum systems usually require cooling sub-environment to make them work.

At Quantum Brilliancean Australian-German startup, the researchers developed quantum accelerators based on diamonds.

Today they got the world’s first installation of on-premise quantum computers at room temperature at the Pawsey Supercomputing Center in Australia. While we don’t have much information about the system’s computational capacity, we do know that it is paired with HPE Setonixthe supercomputer HPE Cray EX di Pawsey.

Diamond quantum computer: Australia installs first

The advantages of the “diamond quantum computer”

In a short YouTube video shared by Pawsey, it is highlighted that the advantages of using quantum accelerators are real. They are also trying to integrate it with it stack hardware e software of the center for better use.

Meanwhile, the Quantum Brilliance diamond accelerators they are still a kind of mystery to us all. This is because the technology is known only to the Australian startups and collaborating universities.

All we know is that the company is leveraging the Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) no diamonds.

This presumably makes it possible to extend the coherence time (longer than any quantum state) a room temperature. This results in a qubit (i.e. two quantum bits) that can work anywhere a classical computer can work.

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