Digimon Survive: New Official Trailer Available

Digimon Survive mostra dettagli inediti in un nuovo trailer ufficiale thumbnail

Almost everything is ready for Digimon Survive to launch. The new game will be available starting next July 29, 2022. Pending the official release, the title is shown in a new trailer which reveals new details about the game world. Here are all the details:

Digimon Survive: A new official trailer with gameplay elements is available

Il new Digimon Survive trailer offers us the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the new title, a hybrid between visual novel and RPG, with different gameplay elements. The game will lead gamers to explore a mysterious and dangerous world with many encounters with friends and enemies. A detailed game map will help players. Also note that the player’s choices will be determined to steer the story. For all the new details on Digimon Survive you can take a look at the new official trailer, just released by Bandai Namco and available via the player below:

The new Digimon will be available starting next 29 of July. The game will come out on PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One as well as on Nintendo Switch. Also note that the title will be compatible with PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X e Series S. The game, therefore, will be playable on all major platforms.

The physical version of the title is available for pre-order on Amazon for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 consoles (with compatibility with PlayStation 5).

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