Digital warfare: Anonymous challenges pro-Russian KillNet hackers

Guerra digitale: Anonymous sfida gli hacker filorussi di KillNet

The digital war is now advancing through the thick mesh of the World Wide Web. Anonymous openly challenges the hacker group KillNet

The criminal activities of KillNetwhich have started a real one digital warfare. As is well known, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is also taking place in the IT field, with groups deployed on both sides. We have already focused on the subject, monitoring the most recent activities of the pro-Russian group. They are well known attacks on various EU countries e several Italian points of interest. The group has long claimed that the attacks DDoS (Distribuited Denial of Service) unleashed so far are just a taste of what they could and would be willing to accomplish. The idea is to switch to more aggressive forms of attack than the previous demonstration actions.

Anonymous vs KillNet

The digital warfare sees a new faction that is opposed and has decided to respond heavily to the offensive of the pro-Russian hacker group: the well-known group Anonymous. The team is already responsible for various attacks on Russian targets, including the Orthodox Church of Russia. Cyber ​​activists have declared war on KillNet via a “twitter” on Twitter. Also on the well-known social network, the group Anonymous he wishes pro-Russian hackers to “rest in peace” after taking their official website offline. The clash on cyberspace therefore escalates, also following various reports from various cybersecurity agencies and the Five Eyes Alliance. According to the analyzes, several organizations beyond Ukrainian borders and other important targets in Western countries could soon suffer cyber attacks by KillNet.

Digital warfare: Anonymous challenges pro-Russian KillNet hackers

Sensitive goals

A new faction has taken the field in this madman digital warfare, without half measures and with their cards face up, openly declaring their position. However, the need for the supervision by the institutions remains an obligationas the favorite targets of hackers are hospitals and health facilities. Unfortunately, there were victims who died as a result of attacks ransomware. This particular type of malware has made several health systems unavailable, making it impossible to provide care to patients under monitoring. We therefore hope that in this madness they do not pay other innocent victims, as often happens.

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