Discord renews its mobile app: messages and social functions at the center

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Discord revealed a important update of her app mobilegiving greater importance to messaging and responding to user requests with a series of new features to simplify social interactions. An app designed for smartphones and for mobility, with tabs to easily navigate between servers and conversations.

Discord is rethinking its mobile app, messaging and social front and center

The new design of the app comes from user feedback, as Discord itself explains on its site, with the main objective of adapting the Discord experience to the needs of users who are always on the move. Changes that highlight the difference compared to the desktop version, and guarantee better organization of its features on the vertical screens of a smartphone.

Francesco Polizzi, Product Manager of Discord, explained that the evolution of the app becomes necessary due to the exponential increase in functionality offers over time. “Our initial mission in 2015 was to create a great product for PC gamers, with the mobile app as a complement when you were AFK [Away from Keyboard, lontano dalla tastia, ndr]. But over time, the Discord capabilities have grown exponentially.”

Focus on social interaction

The changes introduced this week have led to the disappearance of the old navigation buttons, replaced by a new set of cards for Server, Messages, Notifications and Profile. Discord has however kept the server organization in a vertical column on the left, with the classic layout to allow users to view as many servers as possible simultaneously.

One of the main innovations concerns the introduction of a section dedicated to messages which collects DMs and group DMs in one place. This new layout also adds un status area that shows friends’ activities in real time, allowing users to participate immediately. The option for add to favourites Specific message threads collects the most frequent contacts for greater usability.

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The visualization of channels or message threads has been optimized to provide clear information and present media, links, files and members in a cleaner and larger format. There search function improves, it can return results for messages, attachments, pinned messages and files via a universal search bar.

An app designed for the mobile experience

The new update makes the app visually more lively. There’s a revamped profile page that highlights Discord’s focus on custom profiles. Furthermore, image and video sharing supports larger file sizes. The video and voice calls now feature a mobile-optimized user interface. Furthermore, as TechCrunch reports, the wait for the app to launch is reduced, using a quarter of the data. And then there is the topic “Midnight“: a dedicated night mode.

Discord has given its mobile experience a new twist, tailoring it more to your needs and repurposing it for use on the go. Find more details on the official website.

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