Discover the incredible Fayzo Wireless gaming headset from Trust

The new flagship model of the Fayzo line offers a dual wireless connection, allowing gamers to connect both PC/console and phone wirelessly at the same time

Using the 2.4GHz low-latency USB receiver for PC and PlayStation and Bluetooth for smartphones and Nintendo Switch, gamers can enjoy an uncompromising audio experience, ideal for gaming, chatting and music on your phone.

Discover the incredible Fayzo Wireless gaming headset from Trust

Maximum flexibility and superior performance: discover the incredible features of Trust's Fayzo Wireless gaming headset

The Fayzo Wireless from Trust offer the same high-level performance as the Fayzo 7.1, including 7.1 virtual surround sound and 50mm drivers for powerful sound. With comfortable ear cushions, an adjustable headband and rotatable ear cups, they ensure a comfortable gaming experience, complemented by adjustable RGB lighting with three color modes to express your style.

Additionally, players can further customize their setup with the different color options available: the Fayzo Wireless are available in Booster Black, Winning White and Playful Purplewith an eye on sustainability thanks to the use of recycled plastic in their design.

Take advantage of this incredible offer now: the GXT 491 Fayzo Wireless Gaming headphones are already available at the price of 69.99 euros, while the GXT 490 Fayzo 7.1 USB and the GXT 489 Fayzo Multiplatform Gaming Headset are respectively available at 49.99 euros and 39 .99 euros.

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