Discover the perfect itineraries with’s AI Trip Planner and the help of ChatGPT

Scopri gli itinerari perfetti con AI Trip Planner di e l'aiuto di ChatGPT thumbnail, one of the world’s leading digital platforms for tourism, announces the new AI Trip Planner, introduced in beta on June 28 on the app and available at this stage only for a select part of the US market. Built on’s current machine learning models, which recommend destinations and accommodation options to millions of travelers every day on the platform, the AI ​​Trip Planner is also based on the ChatGPT API’s Large Language Model (LLM) technology of OpenAI to create a new interactive experience for those who want to plan their trips.

A new way to search and explore with AI Trip Planner

Users can ask the AI ​​Trip Planner anything about their trip, and they can ask him very specifically about all the stages of his journey. planningfrom researching potential destinations and accommodation options based on your needs and requirements, to creating itineraries for specific cities, countries or regions.

More personalized and contextualized travel advice thanks to the AI ​​Trip Planner

Travelers can chat with the AI ​​Trip Planner to explain what they’re looking for in broad terms or more specific, they can do requests and refine your search in real time, obtaining numerous alternative options in seconds. From finding inspiration for a romantic Caribbean beach vacation to finding a list of vacation homes with air conditioning and a pool for a family of four, the AI ​​Trip Planner provides recommendations quickly and easily.

An integrated trip planning experience

The AI ​​Trip Planner takes the trip planning process one step further by providing travelers with a visual list of destinations and accommodations, including pricing information, providing the ability to navigate to other web pages to view more details .

Users can scroll through the chat with the AI Trip Planner and app interface as they rate alternative that they have available. With a simple click on an accommodation of their interest, they can complete the reservation. This is because the AI ​​Trip Planner is directly integrated within the app, in the accommodation booking section.

Starting June 28, the AI ​​Trip Planner beta is available in the USA for a selection of Genius members, a number that will grow in the coming weeks. This means that US travelers must be logged into their account directly in the app and must have their language set to English in order to access the new trip planner.

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