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Discovering Gromia, an intelligent platform for real estate ads

According to a recent research by, there are about 3 million Italians who use the web every month to sell or buy a house. However, the real estate market is still one of the least smart sectors, linked to decidedly obsolete practices (remember Phil from Modern Family?). The solution? Here you are Gromiaa smart platform for real estate ads powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Gromia is a Proptech startup, which uses advanced Machine Learning and AI algorithms to make the buying and selling of properties an entirely digital and transparent process.

How Gromia works, the platform for real estate ads

Gromia was born in 2015, from an idea of Fabio Salvo, as the alternative to the old real estate agencies. It is a platform that helps owners sell at the best market price, saving time and money.

“We believe that the shops with windows on the streets will disappear in the next 10 years, because they are a useless expense that does not compensate for the economic benefit of the few people who enter them to buy and sell homes,” explained CEO Fabio Salvo.

Fabio Salvo Gromia minFabio Salvo, CEO of Gromia

In essence, Gromia aspires to be for real estate agents what Shopify is for ecommerce: an integrated solution of software, services and infrastructure that helps them do their job well. In this way it is possible to eliminate all the fixed costs associated with the management of offices, portals, insurance companies, photographers, secretaries and back offices. Real estate agents can work with Gromia without limits of exclusivity, area or collaboration.

In the Gromia team, currently, 25 people work between employees and 3.0 real estate agents who work totally in a smart way: it is not in fact necessary to go to the office, stamp time-cards or go to “do zone” by ringing the intercoms respecting strict working hours.

Can agents work with Gromia?

The answer is yes, indeed, it is precisely for this reason that Gromia exists. Those interested, in possession of the qualification for mediation, can apply on the dedicated section of the site (at this link) and fill in the appropriate form. After all, the company has just launched an important recruiting campaign to expand by approx 100 resources the team of its real estate agents 3.0 in Milan and Rome. In the coming months, the expansion of staff will also affect the cities of Bologna, Turin, Naples and Florence.

“We are looking for the best talents – says Salvo – We don’t want to simply select real estate agents but we aim to train a new generation of 3.0 agents who have an entrepreneurial mindset and whom we help to achieve top performer results in a short time“.

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