Distant Worlds 2: an ever-changing galaxy

Distant Worlds 2: una galassia in continua evoluzione thumbnail

Slitherine Games and Code Force have announced that gamers will finally be able to return to the world of “Distant Worlds” with the highly anticipated sequel, Distant Worlds 2, out on PC.

After the first chapter of the saga, Distant Worlds 2 is relaunched offering players the reality of a living galaxy in constant evolution. Clear the field of misunderstandings: you will not run the risk of repeating the adventure of the first launch of the game, in this second episode new things will happen, also because the galaxies will be able to present up to 2,000 star systems, including tens of thousands of planets, moons and asteroids, providing a deeply immersive experience that will be different every time.

Distant Worlds 2 is all about individual player choices and their freedom to explore the game world and play however they like between empire tasks and so much more, including explorer tasks, in the role of Ship Designer.

Each “team” in Distant Worlds 2 has its own storytelling and dedicated missions

Explore space, find precious resources, discover potential colonies for the empire, establish contacts with other kingdoms, forge alliances and also work on commercial aspects: all aspects of a game that within its narrative arc includes many actions and features; without forgetting the design of spaceships, with elements such as design and technology that cannot be missing.

Distant Worlds 2 offers a completely revised, clear and easy to use user interface and a brand new introductory tutorial that will make it easy for players to enter the world of the game itself, helping everyone immerse themselves in their systems.

Distant Worlds 2 will be available on Slitherine.com, Steam and other digital shops; as well as being playable on NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

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