DistroKid distribuirà la musica degli artisti indipendenti su TikTok Music thumbnail

DistroKid will distribute music from independent artists on TikTok Music

TikTok Music announced a new agreement with DistroKidamong the most important digital music distributors, particularly appreciated by independent artists and labels.

The agreement will allow artists who distribute with DistroKid to bring their music online as well TikTok Music, TikTok’s paid music streaming service. Although the streaming platform is not yet active in Italy (it has only been launched in Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and Singapore), the plans seem to be big for ByteDance, which would therefore aim at the market currently dominated by Spotify and Apple Music.

The agreement between TikTok Music and Distrokid

DistroKid artists could already add their music to TikTok’s library, where creators can choose songs to use in their videos. Now, however, they can also be part of the library of TikTok Music, where users can listen to full songs and discover new artists.

Additionally, The Verge reports that DistroKid music will also be available in the Commercial Music Library di ByteDance, a catalog of songs that companies and brands can use in their videos and advertisements. Finally, the deal also involves CapCut, TikTok’s standalone video editing app.

TikTok has proven to have a huge influence on the music industry, contributing to the success of numerous hits. Suffice it to say that even an institution of music journalism like BIllboard has launched a special ranking of the most popular songs on TikTok.

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