DJI annuncia Ronin 4D Flex, il primo obiettivo cinematografico con zoom thumbnail

DJI announces Ronin 4D Flex, the first cinematic zoom lens

DJIa world leader in civilian drone manufacturing and creative imaging technology, launches Ronin 4D Flex e DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0, first cine lens with zoom.

4D Flex allows operators to separate the Zenmuse X9 stabilized camera from the main bodyreducing weight and size for professional movies, with even more flexible camera movements.

DJI Ronin 4D Flex

Seamless compatibility with 4D Grips and Main Monitor transforms a camera operator into a single cinematic unit. Among the novelties there is also the objective DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0il DJI’s first cinema-quality zoom lens to ensure ultra-level picture quality in the Ronin 4D system.

Finally, an activation license key for Apple ProRes RAW encoding on Ronin 4D is available for purchase at the DJI Store, making it even easier to integrate Ronin 4D footage into cinematic productions.

“Ronin 4D has redefined what a single cinematic camera can achieve, setting new standards in terms of versatility, cinematic quality and image stability in a single device,” he said Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager di DJI.

“4D Flex and the DL PZ 17-28mm lens showcase the expansive capabilities of this platform, enabling videographers to capture footage in entirely new ways. With these products, we want to show that when it comes to Ronin 4D and what it’s capable of, we’re just getting started.”

DJI’s Ronin 4D Flex is above all flexible

Ronin 4D Flex fornisce ai creators a more flexible and efficient camera movement system allowing you to more easily shoot for long periods in busy situations, such as can occur during events and documentaries.

4D Flex also makes the X9 stabilized camera compatible with a variety of rigs and allows professional crews to achieve dynamic cinema-quality footage or take shots.

Basically Ronin 4D Flex connects to the main body via an ultra-thin 2m coaxial cable, which supports the transmission up to 8K without signal lossmaking 4D Flex a tool with a unprecedented flexibility.

4D Flex also allows you to use the Zenmuse X9 stabilized camera as a cinema-grade remote device thanks to its small size.

Its versatility is also demonstrated by the native compatibility with the Ronin 4D Grips and main Monitor, to offer videographers an entire set of solutions that offer cinematic quality images, 3-axis stabilization, LiDAR focusing, and professional monitoring and control.

DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0

It is DJI’s first cinematic zoom lens that makes back focusing and native system calibration, autofocus, manual focus, and automated manual focus (AMF) extremely and extraordinarily accurate.

Mounted on the Zenmuse X9, this lens offers ultra-high resolution, rendering sharp ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle focal lengths with a minimum object distance of 0.19 meters.

The design if present aluminum and magnesium alloy, with a weight of about 520 g. Zooming is smooth and reliable, eliminating the need for an external focus motor or lens calibration.

Prices and availability

Ronin 4D Flex is already available for purchase on the DJI store at the price of 959,00€. The kit includes Ronin 4D Flex, a Quick Pan Axis Lock, 2 Ronin 4D Grip Adapters, and 2 Grip Adapter Cables.

The DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 lens and Apple ProRes RAW for Ronin 4D are both always available on the DJI store at the price respectively of 1779,00€ e1009,00€.

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