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DJI is working on a drone for indoor use

DJI may be working on making a new drone with unprecedented features. The project in question is known, for now, as DJI Open. According to initial information, it would be a drone designed for a indoor use. Here are all the rumors that emerged about the project destined to potentially become an important point of reference for the brand’s range.

Is the new DJI drone designed for indoor use?

DJI Avata, according to the first rumors, will be equipped with ducted propellers able to prevent any contact damage during the flight phase. The drone in question could be dedicated tokinematic use indoors and could inherit the camera module already used by the DJI Mini 3 Pro. The weight will be around 500 grams. The new DJI Avata will also be remotely controllable via smartphone.

Aim to simplify indoor shooting

DJI’s new drone project could be aimed at simplification of indoor shooting, in particular in the amateur and semi-professional fields, scenarios in which the use of sophisticated equipment is limited. For the moment, however, information on the project is very limited.

The rumor about the new drone comes from DealsDrone who also released some pictures. More details on the DJI project could arrive in the next few weeks. Avata seems to have entered the final phase of its development and, therefore, more could be known soon.

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