Do you want adventure? Here are six interesting games released this year

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Let’s discover together six interesting games released during this year that could interest all fans of adventure video games

Adventure games have always been among the most loved. They always offer an immersive experience, they are often difficult and almost always fun. The subgenres are numerous, from fantasy to science fiction.

2023 was a particularly happy year for adventure games: if you feel like trying something newwe recommend you try one of the games below to spend an hour or two in peace.

The Last Night

The Last Night, developed by Odd Tales, is a game in 2.5D set in a noir and cyberpunk world reminiscent of Blade Runner. You play as Charlie, a man who lives in a society where technology takes care of all the most mundane daily tasks, allowing him to live in idleness.

All this free time, however, causes Charlie to suffer from a lack of goals. You will guide him through this futuristic universe, interacting with other characters, solving puzzles and embarking on a journey in search of himself. The Last Night not only offers a Exceptional gameplaybut also a touching commentary on life, a rare quality in many games.

There have been few updates on the release of this game, starting from the initial announcement in 2017; however, the involvement of the Swedish company Raw Fury gives us hope that The Last Night will become part of its fantastic catalogue.

Viking’s Quest

Online gambling games tend to have a bad reputation, as you typically have to pay to play them. In reality, it is now possible to find them in a free version on many sites. Viking’s Quest is one such game also available for free: You don’t need to spend money to try it.

While it certainly can’t boast the graphics of its video game cousins, This slot has various features that make the gameplay interesting: between wild symbols that replace other symbols to create winning combinations and scatter symbols that trigger bonus rounds, the winning opportunities are numerous.

This slot is part of that category of casino games which, thanks to their characteristics, they can rival video games in terms of entertainment. And let’s reiterate: you don’t necessarily have to spend money to play it.


Dustborn is an upcoming adventure game from Red Thread Games, set in a dystopian America in the near future. It was created by the acclaimed Ragnar Tørnquist, already known for the Dreamfall: The Longest Journey saga, and is nothing more than proof of this author’s talent.

In this game, you will join a group of friends and their robotic companions on a journey in a country devastated by war. As you navigate a complex web of choices, relationships, and hostile encounters, your mission is to deliver a mysterious package.

Dustborn is notable for its unconventional mechanics, which it includes also a word-based combat system. Each character has unique abilities, and as the game progresses, the power of relationships becomes apparent. It is precisely this human touch that makes Dustborn special and strengthens its well-deserved position among the best adventure games of 2023.

The Last of Us Parte II

The Last of Us Part II, available for PS4 and PS5, guarantees a slow and realistic action experience, with a strong narrative focus. The game moves into the territory of the horror-survival genre and offers third-person gameplay where every shot can be decisive. If you like zombie games that explore human emotions and the fight for survival, The Last of Us is a perfect choice.

This part 2 earns its place on this list mainly thanks to its Fluid and dynamic gameplay. The duration may even be excessive for some players, but The Last of Us Part II offers a lot of action and very immersive interactions.

If you haven’t played the first part, this might be the case find out about the history to better understand the events.

Amnesia: The Bunker

The Bunker, sviluppato da Frictional Games, follows the success of their acclaimed series Penumbra, SOMA and Amnesia. It is the fourth chapter of the Amnesia franchise and introduces new simulation elements.

Set in an abandoned World War I bunker, this game puts you in the role of a French soldier who unravels the mysteries of the bunker while escaping its horrors and fighting to preserve his sanity. Unlike what happened in the previous chapters of the saga, players now have the chance to fight against hidden horrors. However, resources are scarce and the path is full of traps and obstacles that contribute to the unpredictable nature of the game.

The Bunker it brings thrilling environments to life; you have to navigate labyrinthine spaces and make decisions about how to proceed. Your choice will determine the outcome and contribute to the intense and immersive experience this horror adventure game offers.


Firmament is the new creation by Cyan Worlds studio. Set in a world of steampunk magic, this game takes us through a series of interconnected puzzles in varied settings, including a tropical coastal region, a snowy mountain landscape and crumbling industrial ruins.

Sure, Firmament may have some characteristics that will be familiar to Cyan fans; However, it introduces new elements that make it unique.
This game was designed with virtual reality in mind, but it also offers a good flatscreen experience. One of the most interesting features is the floating clockwork mechanism that accompanies you throughout the game, interacting with the mechanical architecture of the setting.

First revealed on Kickstarter in 2019, Firmament quickly gained widespread supportso much so that the release date was set for July 2020. The launch has been postponed and this only increases the excitement and expectations.

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