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Do you want to buy a new phone? Here’s how to choose

Are you looking for a new phone, but have no idea where to go next? We will help you with this article

If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone that meets your needs without having to spend too much, we advise you to carefully evaluate all the devices on the market, opting for the more innovative from a technological point of view but also economically convenient.

Among the numerous models available, in this article we evaluate three in particular, which seem to us to be the most competitive and high-performance from different points of view: l’Oppo Reno8, il Samsung Galaxy A54 e l’Apple iPhone 12.

These are three very different mobile phones, all efficient and valid both in terms of the performance they offer and the speed, perfect to use both for work and for moments of leisure, with innovative apps and many functions to try. Compare smartphones to make the best choice for your needs.

What are the main advantages between Oppo Reno8, Samsung Galaxy A54 and Apple iPhone 12

Performance-wise the iPhone 12 is the most powerful device of the three, with an Antutu score of 687,000. This thanks to the A14 Bionic processor, one of the most powerful on the market. The Oppo follows, with an Antutu score of 552,000. The Samsung still gets a good Antutu score of 350,000, due to its mid-range MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor.

Where though the Samsung standout is in the camerawhich surpasses the Oppo and the iPhone thanks to the image resolution that reaches 32 Mp, especially when it comes to selfies: sharp, clean photos and with remarkable lighting adjustability.

As regards the battery, however, that of the iPhone 12 takes the lead, both in terms of duration and capacity, also thanks to a efficient and automatic backupwhich allows you to save only data that has changed since the last backup was performed.

Furthermore, the possibility of Saving to iCloud with separate subscription can help save local storage spacealso allowing for lower battery consumption.

Anyway Samsung Galaxy A54 5G 8/256GB also receives excellent reviews for the battery, since it is equipped with 5000mAh to hold photos, documents and a large storage area. Among other advantages, the Samsung Galaxy A54 can also be used in water: finally a mobile phone that is not afraid of the sea or the rain!

Other differences between these three models

Compared to the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy A54, the Oppo Reno 8T 5G is the lightest and most manageable.

With its 171 grams, you can take it anywhere without being bulky like the Samsungwhich is larger and flashier.

Furthermore, the Oppo Reno 8T 5G features a high resolution rear camera (108 Mp) for extremely realistic and clear photos, as well as being equipped with a screen size larger which makes it practical to use, easily visible and suitable for those who like a larger than average display.

Another advantage is linked to the presence of the 3.5 mm audio jack input, which many appreciate, a feature absent in other models. Furthermore, the Oppo Reno 8T 5G is offered at a more convenient pricetherefore offering an excellent quality/price ratio.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy A54 it ranks among the best for speed and functionalitywhile the Oppo Reno 8T 5G has a very fast battery charge and is NFC compatible.


Buying a new smartphone is always difficult, the models follow one another extremely quickly and the difficulty lies precisely in understanding the difference between one technology and another.

To always be informed about the latest news, visit the website, a mine of useful information.

An excellent idea could then be to rely to a recognized seller such as TecnoSellwhose team can suggest and give advice on how to choose the ideal smartphone, with an in-depth, realistic and clear study of the characteristics of each model.

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