Dolmen: niente Intel XeSS thin all’estate

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Dolmen won’t receive Intel XeSS until summer, a sudden turnaround from the company behind the game, at least for the time being

News | Dolmen: no Intel XeSS until summer

Hello friends of tuttotek and welcome to the appointment of our news. Without any explanation whatsoever, the company behind the game Dolmen backtracked from his previous statements. Intel XeSS will not be added to the game anytime soon.

Bad News for Intel Fans | Dolmen: no Intel XeSS until summer

We have some sad news to share with Dolmen and Dolmen fans today GPU Intelthere will be no super resolution launch this week XeSS. This is contrary to the claims of the game manufacturer last week. In fact, it was claimed that XeSS would come with a patch on the first day of the agreed release for May 20.

Dolmen: niente Intel XeSS thin all'estate

Interview with kyiv Martins

Below are the words of the Dolmen manufacturer about the turnaround with Intel XeSS.

Will XeSS support be available at launch?

I think I can tell you that everything, including the partnership with Intel, will be released in the first day patch.

These are the words of Kiev Martins, producer of Dolmen at Massive Work Studio.

Dolmen: niente Intel XeSS thin all'estate


They were all quite surprised by the statement that XeSS could be launched this week, considering that the GPU dedicate Arc they are nowhere to be found and the desktop launch has been moved to exclusive OEM in China. Intel XeSS is a technology of upscaling based on artificial intelligence that it should rival NVIDIA DLSS2 e AMD FSR2 once it is available. Similar to AMD, Intel has also chosen an open source path for its technology, but despite releasing a developer SDK last year, no code has been made public until now.

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