Donald Trump potrebbe abbandonare Truth Social e tornare su Twitter thumbnail

Donald Trump could leave Truth Social in favor of Twitter

That Trump is preparing to campaign for the next presidential election is clear, but how does the former US president intend to move? Gizmondo reports that Donald Trump currently has an exclusive contract in place with Truth Social, the social network he founded. The agreement provides that any posts must be published on the Truth platform firstand then on other social media.

Gizmondo also reports that this agreement between the parties will expire in June 2023 and Trump could decide not to renew it. At the base there would certainly be the voter search for the presidential elections of 2024, given that on Truth Social there are largely conservatives, therefore users who would already vote for the tycoon.

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Donald Trump tra Truth Social, Facebook e Twitter

From this point of view, the former president would be evaluating a return to Facebook and Twittertwo platforms that had banned it after the Capitol Hill events of 2021. But if on the one hand Elon Musk had reopened the doors to the billionaire as part of a general amnesty of profiles, Meta has never publicly “forgiven” Trump, whose account is still banned.

Last week Trump had already leaked his intention to actively return to Facebook. The former president, not without a touch of arrogance, said that “they need me more than I need them”.

According to Rolling Stone, the deal with Truth Social renews every six months unless the former president gives notice. The social network is managed by Trump Media and Technology Group, and is famous for the absolute freedom of expression. A freedom that, more often than not, especially if combined with users made up of Q supporters, borders on disinformation and fake news. We remind you that other platforms, such as Twitter and Meta, do not tolerate such practices, even if the recent and controversial policies of Elon Musk could favor the social rise of Donald Trump.

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