Donate With Bing: Microsoft’s charity campaign arrives in Italy

Dona Con Bing: arriva in Italia la campagna di beneficenza a cura di Microsoft

A great success in the United States, and a great desire to bring it to Italy. From today, Microsoft’s Dona Con Bing project will be active

After the success of the United States, arrives in Italy today Donate With Bing campaign.

The international project by the search engine of Microsoft, aimed at supporting organizations no profit and charities through the loyalty program Microsoft Rewards.

Donate With Bing: Microsoft’s charity campaign arrives in Italy

From today, users registered with Microsoft Rewards will be able to choose to donate the points accumulated during the online searches carried out on Microsoft Bing.

The process is simple and the cause is certainly noble. The user, remaining connected to his account, to a non-profit organization and to support the humanitarian cause closest to his own sensitivity. Until 31 December 2020, Microsoft will double all donations. Let’s see now how it will be possible to donate and in what way.

Donating is really very simple: you can activate Donate with Bing with just one click, directly from dashboard of the program Microsoft Rewards. Thanks to the partnership with Benevity, it is possible to choose from thousands of non-profit organizations present on the Italian territory. Benevity, is a Calgary-based company that provides platforms for the management of donations and grants. One of the largest startups in Western Canada, its clients include: Nike, Coca-Cola, Google e Apple. By continuing, once you have selected the institution or organization you wish to support, the points collected by the user will be automatically converted into cash and donated every month.

Donate With Bing: Microsoft's charity campaign arrives in Italy

The campaign conceived by Microsoft Bing will therefore allow users, as mentioned, to support a different organization every month. In Italy, in particular, the supported partners include: UNICEF, Italian Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. For more information on the Donate with Bing campaign, you can consult the following link.

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