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Best Telegram bots: the list to try | March 2021

Thanks to bots, Telegram allows you to carry out numerous operations of all kinds. Let’s see in this list which are the best Telegram bots available!

Telegram is an instant messaging program that works almost identically to WhatsApp. It allows you to send text messages, but also audio, video and much more, all using the internet connection. In this article we will see the list of the best Telegram bots currently available which is absolutely worth a try!

Best Telegram bots: what are they?

For many industry experts, but also users, Telegram is even better than the more famous WhatsApp, thanks to its intuitiveness and above all to the fact that Telegram contains many more features. In addition to the functions that all WhatsApp users already know, Telegram also offers the possibility of using bots, or “automatic” contacts capable of providing the most disparate information and performing many operations, such as carrying out searches on the Internet through the search engines. search or play Sudoku.

Over time the applications of these bots have become countless and of all kinds of usefulness, which is why we thought it was appropriate to make a list of the best available.

How are they added?

In short, Telegram goes far beyond simple instant messaging software and offers numerous very useful ancillary services. To be able to use the bots, simply add them from the mobile application – available for Android, iOS, Windows – by clicking on “Add to Telegram”, after which the bots will also be accessible from the desktop and web versions.

Now that we know how to add bots to Telegram, let’s see together a list updated monthly of best Telegram bots!

Best Telegram bots: the list to try |  March 2021

Best Telegram bots: the list to try

But what are the best Telegram bots that is worth trying? As we said, the number of applications designed for these bots are innumerable and of all types and it is easy to get lost in the tide of proposals offered. With the list below, we have tried to narrow the field to those bots that we consider essential for most Telegram users.

But no more chatter, we got to the gist of this article: here’s one list updated monthly of the best Telegram bots!

  • BotFather: is the father of all bots. This bot is created by Telegram and allows other users to create other bots.
  • Stickersbot: Get stickers to share with your contacts while chatting. Just write / newstickerpack to get various sticker sets to choose from.
  • Dottorbot: among the best cultural Telegram bots. This bot sends a “pill” of science a day, to enrich knowledge and arouse the curiosity of users.
  • Unit Conversion: allows you to convert all units of measurement.
  • Giphy GIF Search: allows you to search the network for a GIF image. You can then get the link of the GIF image or save it on your device.
  • ImageBot: allows you to search for photos and GIFs on the internet, using the Bing search engine and with the safesearch option activated.
  • xkcdbot: this bot also allows you to search for images, but directly from the XKCD portal.
  • FlickrBot: with this bot it will be possible to search for images directly from Telegram on Flickr.
  • Cat Pictures Bot: are you a kitten lover like all other internet users? With this bot it will be possible to search for all the images you want with the most loved felines in the world as protagonists.
  • Weather bot: among the best Telegram bots on the climate. Provides weather news for many Italian cities.
  • Meme generator bot: on the basis of a text written by the user it will be possible to generate a personalized meme to use immediately.
  • YouTube bot: by typing a word or a phrase it will be possible to search for a video directly on YouTube.
  • Grocery list bot: for those who need a shopping list at the supermarket, this bot allows you to manage one quickly and easily.
  • Safe bot – Allows you to create secure character combinations to use as a password.
  • Italy Webcam: allows you to connect to the webcams of numerous Italian tourist attractions to have a look even from afar.
  • DiceBot: among the best Telegram bots to solve deadlock situations, it allows you to roll a virtual dice!
  • Translate bot: translates sentences instantly, even in group chats.
  • Moolah bot: Provides updated currency exchange values.
  • SudokuBot: Allows you to play the famous game directly from the device.
  • Netflix bot: With this bot, you will always be aware of changes in the Netflix service catalog.
  • DuckDuckGo Bot: among the best search Telgram bots. Starting with a word or phrase, it returns the first search results and the first image. The engine used, as the name suggests, is DuckDuckGo.
  • LMGTFY Bot: generates let-me-google-it-for-you links starting from a word or phrase. Great for silencing friends, acquaintances and contacts in general who ask a little too many questions!
  • YoMamaBot: Generates a very nice random “Yo Mama” joke.
  • Random Chat Bot: allows you to open a conversation with unknown contacts, starting from personal preferences, automatically showing the gender, age and geographical distance of the interlocutor at the beginning of the conversation – because these are the first questions that are usually asked when chatting with a stranger. Great for tech socializers!
  • Hot or Bot: with dynamics similar to those of Tinder, it allows you to enter some personal information – for example age, gender and geographical location – and view contacts deemed compatible with which to start a nice conversation.
  • 4K Download bot: This bot allows you to download audio and video files from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vevo, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  • SpotyBot: among the best Telegram bots for music and Spotify lovers. It allows you to quickly share your favorite songs with your contacts!
  • Best Telegram Stickers: a great bot to easily and quickly search a list of stickers: just add the bot and type the name of the package in the chat to get the link of the stickers to add to Telegram!
  • GypsyBot: a gypsy bot that does a little bit of everything: it can shorten URLs, translate text, function as a currency converter (BitCoin included), transform text into speech, return weather forecasts complete with stickers, convert from binary to decimal and generate random numbers.
  • Jovanotti bot: this bot replaces all s (and even some zs) with fs. But it is not just a nice bot to have a chat, as it also allows you to search for commercial places on White Pages and your daily horoscope.
  • SpacoBot: the robot “spaco botilia” Apple fanboy and lover of women, a must-have for every Telegram group!
  • TelegramStoreBot: the official bot of the Telegram Bot Store. It allows you to list the bots present on the platform directly in a chat via a search query. Really useful!
  • TrackBot: very useful for keeping track of shipments of numerous national and international couriers. You can monitor the movements of the packages directly from the Telegram chat!
  • EnigmiBot: specially designed for puzzle fans! You can use this bot in a single chat or in a group to solve numerous challenges in company or alone.
  • AndyLearnEnglish: a bot that speaks only Anglo-Saxon! Very useful for perfecting the use of the English language. It also offers several didactic exercises.
  • Exchange Rates: the bot that allows you to know all currency changes in real time. Very useful for those who often travel outside the Euro zone.
  • TempMail: need a temporary email? Maybe to register on some site? This bot comes to the rescue by providing the use of a temporary email for a good 10 minutes.
  • OffersMobile: very useful, it allows you to stay up to date on the latest offers and promotions of the main mobile phone operators. You can find out which offers are currently available and how to activate them.
  • TheLolBot: designed to snatch some smiles! It offers images, memes and jokes of all kinds. Ideal in group chats to relieve stress in company.
  • UMad: allows users to create memes and animated GIFs indicating a particular mood. Another bot ideal for group use!
  • Amazon Search n Price: Search for a product listed on Amazon. Ideal to know the price of a desired product without leaving the Telegram chat!
  • PriceTrackBot: among the best Telegram bots for savings! It allows you to track the price change of a product (or more) for sale on Amazon or AliExpress!
  • CodiceFiscaleBot: allows you to calculate your tax code very quickly!
  • PollBot: create surveys for groups and Telegram channels quickly and effectively!
  • Telegram Channels Bot: search engine of the channels present on the platform based on your interests. Very useful and effective!
  • TreniBot: very useful for those who often travel by train. Provides time and departure data indicating any delays.
  • At: allows you to search for videos on YouTube quickly and easily!
  • YouTube Audio Downloader: as the name suggests, it allows you to download the audio of a YouTube video via link.
  • NoSleepBot: by launching the / start command, the bot will start sending the user messages at random time intervals, between 10 and 30 seconds: in this way the continuous notifications at unexpected moments will always keep him alert.
  • this is not a bot but the our Telegram channel. Why not follow it to stay up to date on everything related to the world of technology and digital entertainment?

See you next month!

Our guide to best Telegram bots ends here. Recall that this article it will be updated on a monthly basis, adding new bots for Telegram from time to time that are worth trying and that you will certainly find useful.

The comment box below is at your disposal for any advice or suggestions on Telgram bots present in this list and not. We also recommend reading the guide to the best channels to follow in the service. Have fun with your chats!

Hoping to have been of help in finding the best Telegram bots, we refer you to our other precious guides such as the one to the best smartphone or the best IPTV apps.