Dott festeggia due anni di attività a Milano con un nuovo centro operativo thumbnail

Dott celebrates two years of activity in Milan: new operational center

Dott celebrates two years of activity in Milan with a new thumbnail operations center

Dr.Europe’s leading company in the urban micro-mobility sector, inaugurated the new 1,000-square-meter operational center on the outskirts of Milan. This is a new step in the company’s expansion program in the city of Milan, where the introduction of 1,500 e-bikes was recorded last December, subsequently joined last June by 750 scooters with a total investment of 3 million euros. Dott takes the opportunity to celebrate his two years of activity in Milan.

Dott celebrates two years in Milan

During the two years of activity, Dott has reached the milestone of 4 million kilometers traveled with a saving of 500 tons of CO2 by users. Furthermore, starting last January, the users have tripled (290%) ei rentals more than doubled (260%). Time and distance of use also increase, reaching an average of 2.4 kilometers and 13 minutes. Furthermore, Dott anticipated the adoption of a fleet of carbo bikes to complete the repositioning of the vehicles and the recharging and replacement of the batteries.

The company comment

Maxim Romain, founder of Dott, declares: “Milan represents for us one of the main markets at European level. This is why we want to continue to work to make the city more and more suitable for its citizens, rather than for private cars. The continuous investments we have made and will make are in fact aimed at providing an even more reliable and efficient service, making our vehicles always available where and when they are really needed. ”

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