Dove and Women in Games unveil Super U Story, a new virtual experience

Dove e Women in Games svelano Super U Story, una nuova esperienza virtuale thumbnail

Dove lancia Real Virtual Beautya set of commitments made by gaming industry partners, including the education team Epic Games’ Unreal Engine’s e Women in Games. The goal is counteract stereotypes of beauty and guaranteeing the next generations of players and young creators the tools they need to build self-esteem and the confidence in your body. Let’s find out all the details together.

Dove and Women in Games: we counter the stereotypes of beauty

For over 60 years, Dove has been committed to creating apositive beauty experience for women not young girls. Its goal is to break harmful aesthetic canons that affect the way women and young girls go on a daily basis they feel towards their own body as well as their self-esteem.

Through its academically validated programs, the Where Self-esteem project has achieved more than 82 million young people in 150 countries. The number of donne e young girls playing video games is growing like never before, and it is in this context that Dove is pursuing its commitment to create a more inclusive virtual world.

Here it is born Real Beauty in Games Trainingand training course one of a kind. With this program, Dove wants to encourage game designers to represent in the avatars the diversity and authenticity of everyday life. Doing so avoids contributing to the diffusion of stereotypes e prejudices in avatar design.

All those who participate and complete the competition will be able to show their final works with the launch of one online gallery of charactersReal Virtual Beauty”- curated by Dove and available on Epic Games’ Art Station.

Super U Story, the details

At the same time, the Dove Project Austostima intends to guarantee the next generation of creators and players the right tools in order to build self-esteem and confidence in your body. The SuperU Story, the first experience Roblox to the world – in collaboration with Toya – designed to educate self-esteem.

Circa 1.3 billion women e girls make up half of the global gaming community, with a 60% who start playing before they turn 13. New research from Dove – co-published along with Women in Games, has revealed that video games they still reflect models of beauty based on rigid standards.

These standards are felt underrepresented many women and consequently damage theself-esteem of girls:

  • Il 60% of female players feel under-represented and recognizes the lack of diversity as a key issue in video games;
  • According to 35% of girls have their self-esteem negatively affected from seeing a lack of diversity in characters and avatars;
  • Il 60% of young women states that he would feel more confident about his appearance if he saw real-life characters in video games;
  • More than 50% of parents fears that these problems could adversely affect children’s behavioral habits as they grow up.

Leandro Barreto, Dove Global Vice Presidenthe has declared:

“In Dove we believe that beauty should be a source of security, not anxiety, in every aspect of life, both real and virtual. As part of Dove’s social mission to foster trust and self-esteem, we are taking steps to address the proliferation of negative stereotypes in the fast-growing gaming industry. Through our work with the education team of Unreal Engine and Women in Games, along with the launch of SuperU Story – we hope to have a real impact on the millions of women and girls who spend their free time playing. ”

Awards for the best designers

In confirmation of its commitment, the brand has stated that it will offer aa series of grants e award to the best character designers of Real Virtual Beauty. It will also support them in funding and disseminating their work and offer them the opportunity to appear in some of the most important games in the industry. The Real Virtual Beauty Character Gallery will include resources for usable avatars for free in Unreal Engine 4 e 5.

On the matter Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Gameshe said:

“The representation of women in gaming platforms, products and services has long been a problem. As activists, Women in Games has as its main goal to support women and girls in the gaming industry and, in general, all those who play. We are therefore delighted to see Dove and its allies in the gaming industry address this issue with the introduction of the Real Virtual Beauty Library and the Real Beauty in Games Training Program, as well as the launch of Super U Story. What really matters is that the innovative tools and training reach the target audience, where there is an opportunity to make a real impact. Women in Games strongly supports this goal to make this happen ”.

Where he hopes to see a more gaming experiences that can entertain but also inspire and educate the new generations. So here it is SuperU Storythe first virtual experience of Roblox in the world. The experience was designed precisely to help girls cope with low self-esteem it’s at build a positive relationship with your body.

Free and available immediately, the experience is an extension of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, the world’s largest provider of self-esteem education.