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Dragon Age: is Netflix working on a TV series?

According to a recent rumor, Netflix is ​​working on a TV series about Dragon Age, the famous Bioware strategic video game series. This rumor comes shortly after the streaming company has confirmed that it wants to colonize the video game market with a dedicated section of the site but, apparently, it could also have in mind new adaptations of games much appreciated by the public.

Does the Dragon Age TV series exist?

It was Giant Freakin Robot, an already well-known and reliable insider in the sector, who spread the news, but he didn’t go into details. merely specifying that one of his sources would have confirmed the existence of the series. If this rumor turns out to be authentic, it is very likely that the seriel will take the form of an animated series, since BioWare usually adapts its spin offs in this format. A striking example of this is Dawn of the Seeker, which tells the origins of Cassandra.

Dragon Age: is Netflix working on a TV series?

In any case, at the moment we have no confirmation from either the software house or from Netflix, so it is very difficult to imagine what the series will be about. Dragon Age has a very rich lore, consequently the themes that could be brought into play are many, from oblivion to the various scourges that have struck Thedas over the centuries. The hope is that it is an original story and not a transposition of the events already seen in the games.

The latest comics dedicated to the saga have explored in detail the Tevinter company, with its blood magic and we know that Dragon Age 4 will take us to visit Navarre and Antiva, so it could also be a “connector” series between the events of the third and fourth game. Be that as it may, Thedas is gigantic and inspirational and this project, if any, is one to keep an eye on if you’re a fan of the series.

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