Drake ha acquistato la PSP placcata in oro 14k creata per Pharrell Williams thumbnail

Drake bought the 14k gold plated PSP created for Pharrell Williams

There is a song featured on Hairloss, album Drake in featuring con 21 Savage, which is called Rich Flex, a title that goes well with this story that we are about to tell you. On the same album there is also another song called Jumbotron Shit Poppin, whose official video shows Drake holding a gold PSP.

It is, in fact, the 14k gold plated PSP which was commissioned in 2008 by Pharrell Williams. In addition to the very expensive console, the artist had also commissioned a customized Goyard carrying case and a Blackberry d’oro.

In 2022, last year, Pharrell had auctioned off the precious PSP along with other decidedly expensive items. Among these too an 18K yellow gold Super Mario pendant with white, yellow and black diamonds, sapphires and rubies. In short, little stuff. The pendant was sold for about 14 thousand dollars, while the PSP, weighing 659.7 g, exceeded 18,000 dollarscase included in the price.

Pharrell’s gold-plated PSP is now in Drake’s hands

The name of the buyer has remained secret for a long time, at least until today. It is Drake himself, in the Jumbotron Shit Poppi video, who reveals to us that he is the current owner of the golden PSP. The video clip, directed by Tristan C-M, shows the object on several occasions, while Drake sings aboard his Ferrari. They also appear in the video Lil Baby e Mike Tyson.

Drake PSP oro

Drake’s PSP isn’t the only expensive console out there, though. Last year, the gold-plated Nintendo Wii made for Queen Elizabeth went up for auction. The auction reached the figure of £24,350 (almost 28,000 euros).

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