Dream Cycle arriva su Steam thumbnail

Dream Cycle arriva su Steam

Dream Cycle arrives on Steam. Cathuria Games and Raw Fury are happy to announce this. The game, created by Toby Gard, creator of Tomb Raider, arrives on the platform at an introductory price of $ 19.99, decreased by an additional 15% discount.

Dream Cycle: The Launch Trailer

Forty seconds of pure hype to push yourself to the edge of the epic adventure. Here is the video.

Il gameplan

The central figure of the game is Morgan Carter, a modern day apprentice whose soul has been stolen by her great-great-great-uncle, the legendary Randolph Carter. After discovering that his path to the “world of consciousness” has been concealed by dark magic, Morgan must venture into the Dreamlands to eliminate corruption, recover his powers, and thwart Uncle Randolph’s sinister plans to become a god.

The characteristics of the game

We will therefore have to venture into the Lands of Dreams by measuring ourselves with the vision of 10,000 fragments of maps and with many objectives to overcome to get to the end to face the evil Eidolon. As the game progresses the darkness will begin to diminish more and more and Morgan will be able to show more and more skills to get closer to “his” victory.

Cathuria Games and Raw Fury hope to develop a large community around the video game, with updates and feedback from the players themselves. The game roadmap will also be shared and continuously updated on the Steam community page.

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