Dreame L10s Pro Ultra review: a super robot vacuum cleaner

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A package arrives at the editorial office.
On the box we read “Dreame”, and we already know what to expect.
Inside there is Dreame L10s Pro Ultra, the little brother of that L20 Ultra that won us over last year.
We open it, extract the robot and the base and assemble it. Now it’s up to the Dreamehome app which allows us to configure it in a few minutes, with a new system based on the QR code for connection to the home network, so as to speed up the process compared to the past.
Once all this is finished we are ready to start it and study how it behaves.

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra review

A week has passed since that moment and Dreame L10s Pro Ultra has not made us miss its older brother. In fact, he performs great and has the potential to become completely autonomous.
Why “potential”? Isn’t it already?
To be completely true you need it a kit sold separately that allows you to empty the dirty water tank and fill the one with clean water. In this way you will have a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans autonomously and maintains itself, obviously also emptying the dust container into the appropriate bag.

You don’t have to worry about anything

But let’s go into detail.
“Self-maintaining” may be a somewhat vague description indeed.
Dreame L10s Pro Ultra is available in two versions: classic and Heat. The latter involves the addition of hot water for cleaning mochi. The Chinese company’s robot is in fact designed to rinse the clothes after emptying, clothes which are then dried with hot air. Both models perform this operation but the Heat version promises a higher level of cleanliness of the basic variant, which allows both to have cleaner mochi for the next session and to increase their life cycle.

So, returning to self-maintenance, the newcomer takes care of himself, and he does it both by cleaning his clothes and by getting rid of the dirt, solid and liquid, that he has vacuumed up for us.

There are only two things he can’t do alone:

  • Throw away the bag when it is full – and we are talking about at least 50-60 days of activity before it is necessary to do so;
  • Remove small and light carpets, which you will need to do before cleaning to avoid them getting stuck somewhere. He like any other robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, it is not a limit of L10s Pro Ultra but of the entire category, at least for now.
  • How does he behave?

    Dreame L10s Pro Ultra review how it washes

    On the field, Dreame’s product has no difficulty.
    First of all Extended Mop technology returns which allows you to move one of the mops outwards, so as to better clean corners and edges; with the app you can then decide whether to use this always or only when he deems it necessary.

    The smart nature of the robot also emerges when faced with the aforementioned carpets, with the clothes that can be raised so as to proceed only with vacuuming. Alternatively, you can decide whether to avoid them altogether or whether you prefer to carry out the washing and vacuuming operations separately.

    You can also count on a suction power of 7000 Pascal and CleanGenius technology which allows L10s Pro Ultra to decide how to clean based on the room, the type of floor and the dirt detected, with two modes: Routine Cleaning or Deep Cleaning.
    Do you prefer to define his behavior yourself? Choose personalized cleaning and with the Dreamehome application adapt operation to your needs, deciding mode, suction power, humidity level, path and much more.

    Dreame L10s Pro Ultra: un’app completa

    Dreame L10s Pro Ultra app Dreamehome

    Dreamehome continues to be one of the simplest and most complete apps in the category.
    With it you check the battery, location, cleaning history, the map and the division of the rooms, even the obstacles identified, some of which are identified and marked with a dedicated icon so, for example, you know where you have seen cables or where they are the shoes.

    There are also many settings, the condition of various elements, the activation of experimental functions and access to the camera to check what is happening in the house while you are away. In short, it does everything and you don’t have to be super expert to take advantage of all these options.

    Dreame L10s Pro Ultra review map


    We have on board a 5,200 mAh battery which allowed us to clean the house without problems, considering that the apartment where the test took place is just under 50 square meters. Given the residual duration, it could manage well even with a home of around 100 m2, considering that if it ran out of charge first it would return to the base on its own to recharge and then, once it had full energy, it would resume the task to finish it.

    We also point out the presence of faster charging compared to L10s Ultra.

    Dreame L10s Pro Ultra review: conclusions

    Dreame L10s Pro Ultra robot vacuum cleaner review

    Let’s get to the prices.
    We are under 1000 euros. How much depends on the model:

    • L10s Pro Ultra Heat is on sale for €999.99;
    • L10s Pro Ultra a 899,99 €.

    Is it worth it?
    In our opinion yes. In the end you have a very complete robot vacuum cleaner which certainly takes up a bit of space but which has everything you need to keep the house clean, with the plus of being compatible with the water filling and draining kit, an element that guarantees a level of autonomy that is difficult to beat.

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