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DreameBot D10s Pro Review: comfortable and complete •

There are some products that once you start using them you can never go back. You even get to ask yourself “But how did I do it before?“. Well, in this category – which is bigger than one might think – there are undoubtedly robot vacuum cleaners. And if you haven’t taken the plunge into this world yet, probably the DreameBot D10s Pro it may be the right way, as we tell you in this review.

The DreameBot D10s Pro Review: Simple from shop to first cleaning

This robot vacuum comes in one rather small and light package, almost inviting us to pull it down from the shelf and take it to the cash register. Inside, however, we find everything necessary to be able to take care of our home in a manner simple and above all comfortabledelegating most of the tasks to our new friend.

The montage is very fast, just install the main brushes on the robot body only. Apart, we also have the water tank and the floor cleaning cloth, which however are not recommended for the first cleaning operations. The last practical step is toinstall the charging base, which is absolutely compact and therefore can find space anywhere. We for the DreameBot D10s Pro review for example, we opted to place it under a coffee table, so as to hide it from view but still keep it operational.

Then comes the time forsoftware side setting. The application guides us through the different steps, including connecting to WiFi. As for the “big brother” DreameBot D10s Plus, we are also asked here if we have pets in the house. If so, the robot will move more carefully so as not to disturb them.

Then comes the time for one complete mapping of the house. It’s fascinating how it not only manages to divide the different rooms, but also to identify which is the kitchen, which is the primary bedroom, which is the bathroom and so on. You didn’t get it all right, but just a few clicks to correct. And at this point with a tap we can start the first cleaning!

An unstoppable cleaning machine

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One aspect that undoubtedly struck us in the review of the DreameBot D10s Pro is its “imperturbability“. You don’t need to pay too much attention to emptying the floor of various objects that could hinder its progress: the robot will proceed as the fearless cousin Terminator, pushing them when necessary or avoiding them, identifying them and reporting them in the application. Only in some cases very specific it stopped, requesting our intervention, without however being damaged in any way.

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This allows for organize constant cleaning (we opted for the daily one) to rely on blindly, without the need for preparation. It proceeds decisively on both tiles and parquet, but above all on carpets, even the thickest ones. Here immediately perceives the change in materialincreasing the suction power as needed.

Very useful then washing function, which we mentioned earlier. The advice is to use it after having done at least two or three cleanings only by vacuuming to obtain the best results. In this case one will be required minimum preparatory stagefilling the water tank, humidifying and assembling the cloth and hooking it all up to the robot.

Carry out these steps but then our friend will proceed in complete autonomy. In particular we noticed how careful he is to dose the amount of water used to wet the floor, which he then immediately sucks in most of it. The result is that we can quietly go around the house while it is active, without the danger of it shouting at us “DON’T GO THROUGH THERE WHEN IT’S STILL WET!

DreameBot D10s Pro has the flaw of any robot vacuum cleaner

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The main problem we encountered in the review of the DreameBot D10s Pro is intrinsic to the type of product itself. In simpler words, its shape and its being an automated system prevents it from reaching all the areas where “hand” cleaning can reach. A very minimal house, with many suspended surfaces, has fewer problems, but for most houses this is a relative problem.

Basically, we cannot think of delegating all the cleaning only to our new friend. However it really takes a lot of the work out of the way, effortlessly keeping a good 90% of the house clean (including under the bed, which is always a tedious area to reach). Supplement that remaining 10% with a traditional vacuum cleaner at this point it’s not such a big effort.

It should also be noted that this model it does not have a dust collector in its base. This means that at the end of the cleaning operations a notification could arrive, asking us to empty the robot manually. In this case it is simply one choice left to the user.

On the one hand, it is undoubtedly convenient to have a larger tank, which needs to be emptied less often and more quickly. On the other hand this entails a bulkier charging base (trivially, we could not have placed it under the aforementioned table) and above all about €100 more on the price. There is no uniquely best position, but it depends on everyone’s preferences.

The review of the DreameBot D10s Pro is undoubtedly positive

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What we get with this Dreame robot vacuum cleaner it is an excellent tool, capable of deeply cleaning our home, requiring very little effort. Performance is quite satisfactory, above all considering the price which, although not indifferent, is far from the highest ranges. Extra features like camera and remote control (essential for spying on our pets when we are away from home) complete a truly rich package.

Naturally like all robot vacuum cleaners it cannot completely replace traditional cleaning. Human contribution is still a necessary step. But it can greatly reduce the frequency of manual steps, as well as the space covered. And make our lives easier.

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