Dredge: DLC release postponed to 2024

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The release of the Dredge DLC has been postponed to 2024. This was announced by Black Salt Games. Let’s find out the details together in this article

The popular fishing game, with horror elements, will see a delay in the release of its paid expansion. Previously expected in the fourth quarter of 2023, the release of the Dredge: The Iron Rig DLC it will take place in 2024, as announced by the New Zealand development house Black Salt Games in a post on Steam. The game was received positively by both critics and fans, thanks to its ability to combine both very well of the elements belonging to the fishing game both to elements of horror games belonging to the Lovecraft universe. This would have been the first paid update, after three free updates that introduced a photo mode, a passive mode and some boat customizations.

Dredge: DLC release postponed to 2024

The release of Dredge DLC postponed: the post on Steam

News of various postponements never makes fans happy; for this reason the software house wanted to talk about the various reasons behind this choice in a post on Steam.

We originally thought of a release window for the end of this year. Instead, as we progressed with development, we saw that we needed much more time to also coordinate the marketing aspect and ensure a perfect launch. We know very well that we have obligations towards our players, but we firmly believe that there is only one possible path and that is to postpone the release of the Dredge DLC until next year.

Dredge it is currently available for consoles belonging to the Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC universes. Have you already tried this innovative indie title? Let us know in the comments section below what you think. For further updates relating to the gaming world, and beyond, stay tuned to techgameworld.com. If, however, you want to add some titles to your library, we point out the offers on Instant Gaming.

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